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  1. Marketplace Classifieds
    For sale, lightly used Hitachi 12" sliding Miter Saw C12RSH2 , less than 3 years old. Local pickup in Manalapan, NJ Price $300 OBO
    $300 USD
  2. DeWalt Compound Sliding Miter Saw Cabinet with Dust Collection

    I recently purchased a DeWalt DW717 sliding compound miter saw (new/reconditioned). I did this in order to update and condense my equipment, selling two tools (old Craftsman radial arm saw and a Craftsman compound miter saw) and replacing them with one. My immediate challenge was to build a...
  3. Tool Cabinet

    Just finished my latest tool cabinet. I am fairly new to hand tools, and I set out to cut all of the joinery for this cabinet with hand tools. I found the cherry for the carcass to be very unforgiving when cutting through dovetails by hand, so I switched to box joints on the table saw for the...
  4. Craftsman Miter Saw ZCI

    The other day I was cutting little dowels about an inch or so long, needed a boatload of them and a lot off them were getting trapped under the MS throat plate which was a pain to remove.. So I had a bunch of scrap 3/4" poplar plywood leftover from the Miter saw workstation I made and decided...
  5. Radial Arm Saw Upgrades and Work Station

    Currently in my shop I am limited on my number of larger tools. I have a miter saw that I have been using for all of my cross-cuts and a circular saw for ripping down sheet goods. However, after watching many videos on Youtube of the capabilities of a radial arm saw, and hearing Jay Bates say he...
  6. Stone centerpiece for sculptures or vases

    By now, most who know me, also know I work in stone also. I saw some of the sculptures and vases that some of the members are doing, and thought how cool it would be to make trivets (centerpieces) for such things to be displayed on. So here are two of them, and tomorrow should post pictures of...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Anyone let me know what a good blade for my craftsman 12" scms besides a Forrest. Looked at Freud but I don't want a thin kerf. Don't realty want to spend 130 for the Forrest. I'm startin to do alot of facing work and trim. I know you guys have gone rounds on this subject probably but any...
  8. Blogs
    Sliding Miter Saw I need your help! I am getting ready to purchase a Sliding Miter Saw. What is the best. I need accurate 45 degree cuts so I am looking at the Dewalt, Maketa, Milwaukee, Hitachi, and Ridgid. Any thougths? Even reconditioned or used. Thanks Greg Dahl
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Just saw a CL posting for a small delta jointer. It has a variable speed knob on it. Don't think I ever saw this as a feature before. When would you ever get better performance from a jointer at a lower speed?
  10. Marketplace Classifieds
    I'm selling a nearly new 12" miter saw. Craftsman professional model, cuts up to 60 degree miters. Works great. click on links below for photos. I'm located about...
1-10 of 10 Results