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  1. Projects Bread Slicer

    My wife finally (after 37 years of marriage) that she wanted to do a project with me in the shop and learn some more woodworking skills. She's always been available to help me, but this time she took the lead and designed and built this bread slicer. It's made from walnut and maple. It works...
  2. The set is complete

    Just finished my paring knife to complete the set. The Damascus blade is from Woodcraft (Item #153655) and so are the African Blackwood scales (Item #153762). The knife blade includes aluminum cutlery rivet. However, to keep the theme consistant, I used pins from Jantz knife making supplies. The...
  3. Bagel Slicer

    Slice the bagel, not your hands. Mad from a couple of pieces of spalted apple from the local orchards. Simple project that sees a lot of use.
  4. Mandolin Slicer

    Replaced the rotten wood on a 50 yr old slicer. Used the pieces for a pattern, replaced the screws and hubby sharpened the blade. Done in maple with cherry sides. Finished in mineral oil. Good as new!
  5. Cheese Slicers

    Here are some Cheese Slicers that I put together. Made from some scrap Maple and Walnut i had kicking around the shop. Got the idea to make these from SPalm. He made a great tutorial here. I finished with a Butcher block wood conditoner from Home Depot. The wife used one as soon as i...
  6. Bagel - Bread Slicer

    I've always loved bagels, and my wife enjoys baking bread occasionally in our bread maker. So I had this idea(not entirely original) to make a box that would allow us to cut both more easily. I made this bagel - bread Slicer slicer from a single oak board, but I suppose any hard wood would do...
  7. Food Jointer! Check it out!

    Alright, so it's a Mandoline food slicer made to use one of our knives as a blade. It works great! I've saw another one of these made here on lumber jocks and thought it would be a good addition to all the kitchen tools I am making from wood. Made of Cherry and walnut. Wood burning lettering...
  8. Pizza Cutter & Cheese Plane

    The cheese plane handle is macacauba and the pizza cutter handle is a composite from woodcraft. Both turned really easily.
  9. Blogs
    Bagel - Bread Slicer Here was an easy project that I did recently; a Bagel - Bread Slicer. You only need one board for this project and it's something you can build in an afternoon. Here is my attempt at making a video of how I made it, and as always you can check out my website at...
  10. Blogs
    Cheese Board and Hand Forged Slicer | Pt 1 I wanted to create a cheese board, but didn't want it to be "normal". I wanted to give it an extra touch and decided that I would hand forge a slicer for it. In this video I got everything roughed out and glued up. Hand forged slicer will be out...
  11. Blogs
    Cheese Board and Hand Forged Slicer | Pt 2 In this video I finish all the detail work of the cheese board. Using hand planes I get everything flattened. Then using a router table I rounded all the edges over and also cut a radius on all the corners. I wanted a way to hang this and drilled a 1...
1-11 of 11 Results