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  1. Skyrim Dragon Coaster

    Cut on a scroll saw Made from Okume Plywood 15 cm diameter
  2. Skyrim Dragon Fridge Magnet

    Skyrim Dragon Fridge Magnet Size: 6,3×12 cm Hand cut from okume plywood. Applied wood stain. Protective felt pad on the back to protect the surface from scathing. My Etsy store
  3. Skyrim shield for my little girl

    My daughter really likes Skyrim - loves to watch the horse riding and dragons. I made her a shield based on the Riften Town Guard design. I cut the swords out with an exacto and glued them down, then spray lacquered over them. Started with a leather strap for the handle on the back, but that...
  4. Wood & Lumber
    I just purchased a custom made hickory vanity and made the mistake of having it stained an autumn oak. From the sample it didn't look orange. I have it home and it looks pumpkin orange!! What's the best and quickest way to strip this to its natural beauty and what kind of varnish should I use...
1-4 of 4 Results