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  1. Skunk...

    Just finished this carving of a small striped skunk for a special order. It measures about 4 inches tall, carved from basswood. Claude
  2. Skunk and Scrolls

    This 10-22 belongs to a good friend of mine. He will probably be the only person who asks me to engrave a skunk on their rifle. To each his own, it was a lot of fun to engrave. I engraved a basket weave pattern over where the checkering would go and bordered everything with a scroll leaf pattern...
  3. Intarsia of pets from photos

    These were some of the first pets from photos that I spent hours just on the pattern. Would like to hear any advice for improvement. The skunk's whiskers are paper thin. The teeth are deer antler that I ground down with a rotary sander.
  4. Scented Skunk animated pull toy

    After getting David Wakefield's book on patterns for animated wood toys, I am building the ones I find most interesting to me. The Scented Skunk uses a cam driven by the back wheels to make the tail go up and down. I used maple for the light colored wood and walnut for the dark colored wood...
  5. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    I have a lot of empty post office bank boxes that need doors. My dilemma is that I have plenty of doors, but none of them are prepped to mount on the boxes. These doors come to me covered in grime, green oxidation, rust, stuck hinges, and hard to turn lock mechanisms. I would prefer to get a...
  6. Blogs
    Critics stink! My garage is an old barn. It is partitioned into three sections: 1) a 20'x20' on the bottom right, 2) a 10'x20' on the bottom left with stairs to 3)my shop on the second floor. So last night I was building some shelving on the bottom right. When I finished aroung 10pm, I took...
1-6 of 6 Results