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  1. The first Pallirondack Chair

    So this is where the name "pallirondack" comes from. I made my first Adirondack-style chair-and everything else I've made so far-from 100% recycled pallets. I found a design/plan online (thank you California Redwood Association) and modified it to work with wood from pallets instead of cedar...
  2. Skulls

    Here are some skulls I carved years ago to be used as tops for canes that I haven't used yet. I forget what wood I used on the first one all others are spalted maple.
  3. New wood burning~

    A woodburning I just got done with. I finished it with Linseed Oil.. the color is my Prismacolor water color pencils… I didnt 'paint' the face white, I just didnt use the BLO on the face and fur. All thoughts and suggestions are welcome~
  4. Skull

    My first go at sculpture but it's becoming a bit of an addiction. I'm new here but I made a website to start posting stuff - both drawing and sculpture. Here is spalted maple with maple bow tie inlays on some cracks that formed. Carved xacto blades and a sander…. not exactly fine...
  5. skull plaque

    Going away plaque.
  6. Skull Cage

    Skull Cage Every once in awhile I see an opportunity to lock up something that is unusual and this Skull shaped vodka bottle seemed to be just the right thing. The vodka (if you haven't seen it) is special in that it was tripple filtered through crushed quartz crystals, and the glass bottle...
  7. Carved Skull and Horns

    I carved this out of some 6×8 long leaf Heart Pine beam material. The horns I attached with stair lag bolts. The finish is a clear semi gloss lacquer. If i keep hand sanding projects like this i'll probably be a contender in an arm wrestling championship somewere soon. Heart pine aint like...
  8. Two Skulls

    Here are two skulls I recently completed they are about 3.5" tall one is Black & White Ebony and the other is Spalted Maple.
  9. USMC skull plaque

    Skull plaque with K-Bar knife.
  10. You can't have too many skulls (so I made another one)

    I carved this from a block of Black & White Ebony that I purchased over 10 years ago. I used incense sticks for the smoke.
  11. Skeleton candy dispenser

    This is a candy dispenser I made this weekend ( I got the idea from Steve ramsey ( wwmm) )
  12. Random woodburnings

    A couple of wood burnings I did with my versatool burner….I have sense upgraded to a Razortip
  13. Quilted Maple, Spalted Maple Skull Cane

    I had carved a skull out of Spalted Maple that was sitting on the shelf waiting to be part of a project when I started working this Maple I thought it would be a good fit. The Maple had nice quilting I had purchased it over 10 years ago and got a good deal because the figure didn't go across the...
  14. Skull

    This is a scull I was made of mahogany and poplar with a hint of purple heart. it is about 14in tall.
  15. Scroll Project

    This pattern was given to me. So, I do not know the designer, but it wasnt me. This is made of Poplar and the skull is woodburned. I think I want to back it with orange felt. THoughts/suggestions/ critiques?
  16. Australopithecus Africanus

    This depicts one of our ancestors from about 1.3 million years ago. Although i swear i worked with a fellow of striking resemblance in the early 90's. I power carved him out of Heart Pine (hey what can i say, i gotta use it up). Hes accompanied in the picture by my rock collection i've aquired...
  17. Too small for a cane

    Pink Ivory, Ebony, & Walnut. I started this years ago and ran into a problem that I wasn't sure how to fix so put it aside then quit woodworking for 10 years. I was at my Mom's and saw it and brought it home with me figured out what to do to fix it and it's finished a cane that's sized for a...
  18. skull plaque

    USMC skull plaque. Its about 30" tall x 22" wide.
  19. Skull

    This skull illusion was cut on my scroll saw using ½" oak plywood.
  20. Shou-sugiban Beer Hutch (Gothic)

    Started a project with no real intent, plan, dimensions; just happened across a 38"x36"x2" slab of old growth Japanese Cedar that a local sawyer had sitting around for 65 years! He was cleaning shop and let it go for $20! In true Japanese fashion, both faces were completely straight grain and...
1-20 of 48 Results