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  1. Some of my recent endgrain cutting boards

    I figured it was time to share with y'all fine Lumberjocks some of the endgrain cutting boards I've completed recently. Some of these have already sold, some are still listed for sale, and of course there are several more incomplete ones waiting for me to get off the damn computer and finish them
  2. Jewellery Box made with LOVE

    It was my fine girlfriend's birthday recently so I decided it was always going to be a better option to make her something from the heart rather than to buy something from a store, so I gathered some 8 pieces of half-inch Plywood around 16 inches by 4 inches and glued them into a solid block and...
  3. Skinna Custom Strat Copy - Mahogany with Maple Veneer & Maple Neck

    Have attached some pics of my most recently finished electric which is a mahogany 38mm body with a book-matched 3mm maple veneer on the top, joined onto a birdseye maple neck, all accentuated with all gold hardware, 3x humbucking pickups; feels nice, and sounds even nicer, plays awesome…. I...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    For Christmas this year I made some boxes. The problem is; ok, there were lots of problems, but this particular problem is that after finishing the boxes, the purple heartwood was more brown heartwood. I tried a couple different finishes. I used "natural" minwax with a coat of gloss...
1-4 of 4 Results