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  1. Boxguy Tries A Black Olive.

    Pictured is a jewelry keeper with solid Black Walnut sides and an Olive Ash veneer top. Hence, the name Black Olive. 15X7X7…it features a lift-out tray, and in the lower level a foam ring-keeper with more divided storage. Tray and box each have maple corner splines. A Modest Proposal...
  2. Steam bent coat hanger

    Here is how I bent this hanger. Enjoy.
  3. Face framed 1 1/4” overlay minimum reveal shaker set just completed

    So as a one man crew this project took me roughly 10 weeks from sheet goods to final check. I made every bit of everything on this job pertaining to wood except the crown (don't have a molder yet) Doors, drawers, shiplap at 3 1/4 on the face, bar back panels, hood box, pull outs both spice and...
  4. Shoe Bench for Entryway

    Made with Box Store lumber (what they call cabinet grade plywood and aspen trim) and left unfinished at the customers request. She's going to paint it. It is sturdy. I traded for this piece. She's doing a short infomercial on my workshop to help push my keychains.
  5. Wands for Christmas

    A couple of marble-wood wands I made as presents
  6. First coffee table

    Well, ths is my first project to post. It was also the first project where I used a biscut jointer and a dado stack. I wanted to build somthing that would be small enough to not break the bank but big enough to try a few things on. I used maple 1x for the legs and edges and cheap birch plywood...
  7. A Recycled Chestnut Dining Table

    We just finished this chestnut table for a client in Connecticutt. It's a new version of one we built back in 2003. that one had a painted base and you can see it in the dining table section of my website here . We wrote...
  8. Plywood picnic table

    This picnic table is made of one sheet of 3/4 AC plywood. It comes apart for easy storage and transport. Sturdy enough for adults but its a great kids table.
  9. Custom Fancy Cane #053: (Extra Large) Manzanita Burl & Black Walnut

    The client wanted a fancy wood version of a cane she currently uses that has a very fat handle that projects a good 7 inches. I tried to match the length and girth of the old cane handle and then proceeded to add more to the size for strength and style. She wanted to place the entire width of...
  10. Willett's Winery Sign

    Made this as a gift to a friend….......
  11. Boxguy Notes "Burls Just Want To Have Fun!"

    Pictured: White Oak and Russian Walnut box designed to hold child's alphabet blocks. It is 10 inches long, 8 1/2 inches wide, and 5 1/2 inches high. Story: As a thank you to a friend who has often furnished me with wood, I thought I'd make a special box for his wonderful two-year-old who is...
  12. Violin Restoration Project

    Doubts. First and foremost, I like to clarify that I was doubtful whether this is rightful to post as project. The action was not intentionally to violate rules about restoring, refurbishing and many restoring project posted. My intention is to share and encourage others to do restoration...
  13. another project request completed

    After I finished my last coin holder for one of my team memebers I received a few more personalized request. He is a huge hockey fan who still plays at his age and also coaches his childrens team. When he asked I had this idea in mind. I used four types of wood on this project cedar, oak...
  14. Elm wal clock with turquoise inlay

    Elm wal clock with turquoise inlay. 11"x12"
  15. Stepstool in wood and steel

    The step for my caravan was too low (i'm not sure what it is called in the states, but in South Africa we call it a caravan. Anyway you will see from the picture what it is :-) I added a second step with some steel rod that I had lying around and to finish it off with some nice wooden platforms.
  16. Cherry toddler bed with carved headboard and footboard.

    I made this cherry bed for my grandson. I carved his name in a celtic font on the headboard. The "R" on the footboard is from the Book of Kells. It is finished with clear Watco Danish Oil. I used bed bolts to attach the side rails to the head and footboards. It is an original design. Oh...
  17. Replacing your kerfmaster for multiply cuts.

    I had posted a project where I was making crosses to raise money for a mission trip. I made 31 of them. I made a fence that was the idea behind this one, but all of the stop blocks were held in place by a clamp. I needed one that I could set up quicker. The fence has adjustable stops to limit...
  18. Spoons

    First from oak, others from little plum burls. First try of spoons.
  19. Patterned Top Keepsake Box

    This is a wood keepsake, jewelry, or watch box made from cherry and walnut woods. Featuring a diamond patterned lid, solid brass hinges, and an alternative leather lining with a removable divider. Finish is several coats of lacquer. Going for semi-gloss look. This box measures 10.5×8.5×4...
  20. Maintenance Badge Shadow Box

    Here is one of my favorite pieces. A customer asked me to design a retirement shadow box for him that resembled the 9 skill level badge that Air Force aircraft maintainers wear. He had seen one made of plywood and said it wasn't quite what he was looking for. I was getting interested in doing...
1-20 of 500 Results