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  1. Carved Skeleton

    No, it's not for my house. My oldest son, an avid guitar player and collector, asked me to carve something to put in his "guitar room". He's got it so bad that when he built his new house he dedicated a room for his guitars and sound proofed it so he could play to his heart's content (bless...
  2. Make a Skeleton for Halloween Decoration

    I made these last year to go with my Pallet Coffin. I made the first one out of pallet boards, then made 3 more, using some scrap 3/8" plywood, they worked better. Used some 7" long Gutter nails and a couple of Staples that I bought to hold them into the ground. Then I painted them with some...
  3. Halloween skeletons

    This project started out with a childhood memory of a cardboard skeleton that my Mom used to put up every Halloween. The limbs could be moved to make different positions. It was simple but it was there every Halloween. I could not find anything like it so decided to recreate it. The first...
  4. Pallet Skeleton Halloween Decoration

    Last weekend I did my second halloween decoration of the year and made this neat little skeleton from free pallet wood. I had some soft 3/4 pieces of old pallet wood lying around, after gluing on a pattern I made up on photoshop I cut all the pieces out on the scroll saw. Did some fine detailing...
  5. Single Skeleton playing guitar
1-5 of 5 Results