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  1. Hand made semi hollow longboard skateboard

    I make these semi hollow boards, they are hand shaped and built completely from scratch. The boards are designed to feel more like a surfboard than the bendy cruisers that are out there. The designs are all original and double as art and grip, whether barefoot or wearing shoes. hope you like!
  2. Wood on wheels...Riding the dragon.

    Some years ago we started producing skateboards, and they have become quite popular amongst longboard skaters. They are all handmade in silver Birch, and With Our own patterns. The kids and the grown ups love it :) I have been working on these 2 bords for some days and just finished the Paint...
  3. Hand Crafted Longboards

    Last summer decided to start making my own longboards. I got my hands on some nice veneer to use on the boards from a friend of mine. The boards are made from Hard Rock Maple with different veneers. Walnut, Cherry, and Mahogany veneers are on most of the boards.
  4. The "Peeping Tom"

    Another Longboard Complete. This one is a 4-way Myrtle Burl bookmatch with a lovoa inlay. Its 39.5" X9.5" drop through. Can't wait to try this one out. My only regret is not being a better photographer. The pictures just don't do it justice.
  5. Longboard

    My daughter and I were watching Youtube one day when we stumbled across a video of a girl on her longboard. She was freestyle dancing on it while riding. ( ) My daughter was immediately interested. She asked me if she could have a longboard of her own. I then got the idea that I could make...
  6. Skateboard hangers

    Ok the kids had a request for a hanger for their skateboards so I looked online and didn't like anything I found so I came up with this. The stuff you can buy all lacked any support for the bottom wheels or it mounted the board in slots which neither the kids nor myself like. The hardware is...
  7. Longboard/skateboard holder

    Have you ever stepped on a skateboard left on the floor of your garage? I don't recommend it! Hence the rapid construction of this longboard holder from a few leftover pieces of fir baseboard and drawer knobs. I am always catching my long boarder daughters without their helmets. They always use...
  8. Bamboo Skateboard

    LOVE is all there is…. In the process of setting up a web site ( to sell these skateboards - Money to go to my grandchildrens education
  9. Skateboard

    Another skateboard project for a friend at work, who's nostalgic for his childhood. Pressure laminated on a crude jig with clamps and four layers of Baltic birch. Jigsaw, spoke shave, router, sand, tung oil, polyurethane. He just needs to add grip tape and stickers.
  10. Redwood Coast Skateboard

    Skateboard I made in my 2nd semester at College of the Redwood's Fine Woodworking program Wood used: Ash veneers Cypress, Maple, Ash in the Marquetry Sand Grip
  11. The Bamboozle

    Bamboo and poplar longboard. i harvested the bamboo myself from the bamboo (stalk?)! it probably took around 8 hours to make, including the paintjob i also did. there is a layer of fiberglass on top to strengthen the joints. If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask! sorry im kind of in a...
  12. Skateboard Print Image

    Pretty simple but really cool lookin!!Found the skateboard in the trash so I wanted to do something cool with it.
  13. Skateboard Toilet Paper Roll Holder

    A couple of years ago I made a skateboard lamp for my daughter-in-law's Christmas present. This is to go along with that lamp. The compound curves made it a little tough requiring hand shaping the oak uprights, other wise it was an easy project. This one is for my son's Christmas present.
  14. Longboard

    My cool younger bro wanted to make longboards back when they were the hottest college accessory. Make them we did. Maple and mahogany.
  15. Mondrian-Style Serving Tray

    This serving tray features a panel with veneered panel fashioned in the style of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist from the early 20th century. This seemingly abstract arrangement is actually a complex mathematical layout, where the calculator is the most important tool in this build. The veneer is...
  16. Skateboard and New Zealand rimu pendant with black tourmaline three-dot inlay

    Finally started using some of the small bits that gets put aside from other projects.
  17. GRIPcarve Longboards

    Some hardwood longboards I've been making and selling lately. The carving actually acts as the griptape so you get to look at the nice carving while you ride! Let me know ya'lls thoughts! Thanks for looking!
  18. More Skateboards! (from 2x4's)

    Been making some skateboards lately! All of these decks are "planks" made from a single 2×4 each. You can see the way they are glued up in the first picture. The hardware (trucks, wheels, bearings) was purchased from Amazon. These longboards are for sidewalk cruising, not bombing down hills...
  19. Longboards

    Made 2 longboards for my girlfriend and her sister. The other one was made a while back for myself. They picked their design and my girlfriend woodburned designs on the boards. I glued 4 1/16 in pieces of birch plywood together to make the boards. Went cruising in San Diego and they work great!
  20. Sapele and Madrona Skate Deck

    Finally I was able to make a longboard for myself. Sapele and Madrona finished with polyeurathane and wax. My own design. Just a simple plank with wheels.
1-20 of 53 Results