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  1. Football Bed | Custom

    This is a new edition to my Sports Bed series. This football bed was completed in August 2009. It has the same shape as the baseball bed, but in the football theme. We changed the headboard score board and replaced the bats with a goal post. To add a little more detail, I added hash marks on...
  2. Chi Omega Single beds | Custom

    This is the finished product of the single beds built for the Chi Omega dorm rooms. Ten of these were built. They were completed in June 2009. They feature a large head board designed with bookcases at the top and small cell phone shelf, which most students use as an alarm clock. Below the...
  3. More pictures of the reception desk

    Here are more pictures of the desk.
  4. Single Bed

    This is a bed I made for the youngest grandchild. The posts were turned from one piece each. The ends are MDF & are recessed into the posts for added strength. I engraved Sarah's name by hand with a router, simply used a fancy font from MS word, printed it on normal A$ paper, cut out the...
  5. Jigs & Fixtures
    Hello Can't take any credit for the design of this jig that all goes to Mario over at the Woodfather website I live in Northern Ireland which is part of the UK which in turn for the next 20 months is still part of the European Union (EU). The EU in their wisdom make some crazy laws such as...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Seems this is a constant subject of debate here on LJ. I thought I would add a little to what I posted on a motor thread and post it with a lot of search tags. I have been doing mostly motor and control work for 43 years. I don't know much about plugs & lighting and really don't much care...
  7. Blogs
    The Plan I am building a total of 17 beds for the Chi Omega Sorority house. There will be 10 single beds and 7 bunks. These bed are a different design. The regular singles will have a 80" tall headboard with just a couple shelves. They will have 23" tall drawer units on one side and doors...
  8. Site Help and Suggestions
    i just recieved a sweet spalted maple board and was wondering what if any thing i needed to do stop the spalting process? my father in law had said that i needed to soak the baord in denatured alcohol, is this what i need to do? any comment welcome thanks
1-8 of 8 Results