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  1. Small Carved Mahogany Box

    It was a wonderful day in the shop. No electric motors spinning high speed steel at who knows how many revolutions per minute, and that meant no ear plugs, no dust collector running, and no dust mask. It was me, some hand tools, a sizable cut off of mahogany, a stocked MP3 player, and an idle...
  2. Blogs
    One Project & Class Descriptions Good week for struggles and not-quite-there-yets in the woodshop this week. Three projects left the floor complete. The first, chalkboard that has been wind-blown, vandalized and otherwise destroyed three times. We'll see if it sticks this time. Here's the...
  3. Blogs
    Simple Lidded Box I recently built a simple lidded box fashioned after one I saw built on Matts Basement Workshop. This project is fun to build and is a handy addition to your workshop or to give away as a gift. Check out my video at: . Thanks for watching.
1-3 of 3 Results