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  1. Cornhole Boards - Quiet, Silent

    Updated 1/11/19: we pulled out the insulation and filled the boards with concrete and put a 3/4" backer board underneath. We used green glue between the framing and the bottom backer board to help dampen vibration. They are about 1/2" higher than regulation, but they are SUPER quiet now...
  2. Silent/Electric Violin

    This is another one of these projects that I thought about for a while. But since the Covid-19 Zombie Apocalypse, I felt I wanted a way to practice my fiddle that made as little sound as possible for the outside world. I built the body of the instrument from soliid mahogany, joining the parts...
  3. Blogs
    New Feature: Hot and Silent Projects I just added the score index to the LJ projects. It's calculated as the weighted average of the projects's views, comments and favorites. I will keep fine-tuning this formula down the road. The goal is to uncover the most interesting or hot projects based on...
1-3 of 3 Results