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  1. Projects New Sign

    I recently found out a sign I made last year was not incorrect, because of new research on the old house. Got to make a new sign today with the correct year the house was built, and the right type of architecture. For more details on this project, use this link to see my woodworking web site...
  2. Multi-Location sign post

    Hi: I undertook my most recent project in response to a request from my wife for a “directional sign post” for the front of our house. A bit of searching online provided a host of examples to draw from. I decided to go with a treated 4”x4”x12’ post, and for the signs 5/4” x 6” treated decking...
  3. signs

    made of cedar. three coats of clear,then routed.then ebnoy in the letters.
  4. Signs of the times

    The first sign is a wedding gift and the second for a friend showing each family member's birthday. The first sign was done on red oak and the second done on silver maple. The cursive names were cut on the scroll saw out of 1/4" Walnut. The finish is several coats of sprayed on lacquer. A...
  5. Who Needs a CNC? Carving a Sign Free Hand with a Router..and FIRE

    Hey guys, I wanted my logo for my shop/website/channel to be something physical tangible while at the same time trying something fun. I used Ridgid's new trim router and one of the weed burner/baby flamethrowers to free hand carve a few signs out a walnut crotch and a maple burl I had laying...
  6. more cedar signs

    routed free hand.
  7. Chainsaw carved signs

    Haven't carved in a while. My detail saw was stolen and I just recently got around to replacing it. Hard to do much as I live in the city. These signs are pretty quick and a lot of fun. I have a few of these to make for friends. I need to work on certain letters of the alphabet some more...
  8. Hand made Christmas 2017

    The holidays can be a time of joy with family and friends. It can also serve as a reminder of just how many friends you have. If you're like me, you don't want to leave anyone out when it comes to the gift giving. Unfortunately, this last year was financially tough. SO i decided to try my hand...
  9. Sign for my door

    Sign made for my door. It is painted and woodburned~
  10. ''ROAD SIGNS''

    Not exactly road signs….those are direction signs for some restaurant. Walnut boards 50×20cm, laser engraved, than painted with water based white colour, finish sprey laquer. Columns - firwood, base- pine boards. Boards were screwed to column at the back. It is 180cm high.

    Wooden sign made of walnut (I came to possesion of some boards of ''young'' walnut tree - it didn't turned brown yet). Dimension 80×30cm. I transfered printed pattern with indigo to wood, than carved all with 3 and 4 mm router bit 1 mm deep. I painted letters groves with black water based...
  12. Garden signs

    Pallet wood garden signs I made. I used the Avery label printer to print these vegetables and transferred them to the wood with simple pressure and the back of a spoon. I routed out all of the lettering with a Dremel.
  13. Sample tray or tray for samples...

    Just finished this sample tray… to be used for samples of organic yoghurt at the Rocklea Markets… Each of the 4 recesses [ routed using my CNC router] holds 9 small plastic cups with various yoghurts… And it comes with small signs… laser engraved with each variety of yoghurt… Placed in a hole...
  14. More and More signs~

    Signs I made for a couple of kids. I drew them out, then routed them on 1/2 think Redwood. I used couple of Miniwax product to darken the boarders…and I was Teak Oil for the 'background'....then poly'd Thoughts, Suggestions?
  15. 50 year sign and story

    Its been awhile but not 50 years since I posted a project, spring and summer was spent mostely out door, gardening and motorbiking on trails and roads in the mountains. Some places very challenging. Fall was busy getting ready for winter, its here now and will be spending more time in the...
  16. MagicMirror frame

    We recently installed a new front door that has all frosted glass. My wife wanted some way to look out without someone seeing who was there without having to walk all the way upstairs. I came across this free open source software that is made to display information from behind a two way mirror...

    Again projects for US embassy in Zagreb. Plaques for US Marines Security Guard members who leave after one-two years shift. Designs were exactly on demand, not my ideas, only execution. All made of ash, mahogany and beech, signs and letters laser engraved. Finish wood oil and non glossy spray...

    Three different orders : KUHINJA (kitchen) - oak, 18cm hight LUKA (the name) - walnut, 20cm hight 19 (house number) - ash, 15cm hight I cut all on bandsaw, finish wood oil.
  19. Signs

    These are just some random signs I made for people over the past couple of years.

    Another order, from another dog beauty salon - inner and outside company name signs. Inner sign was made of 12mm plywood with 4mm letters. Dimensions 70×60cm. I cut it on bandsaw and scrollsaw. Finish walnut waterbased stain and non glossy laquer. It consists two layers - baseplate to mount on...
1-20 of 77 Results