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  1. Office Bar Sign - Conrad's East

    Hey guys! Here's a sign my friend contracted me to make for his dad's office bar (office bar at his last job was called "Conrad's" and he moved to a new job, so the office bar became "Conrad's East"). His drink is Crown Royal, so there's a Crown Royal logo out of Purple Heart, Padauk, and...
  2. Custom sign orders, freehand router work on sassafrass

    The speed limit signs were for a country lane where the reisdents thought day-glo orange was a bit too bright. They measure about 24 inches high.
  3. No Soliciting Sign

    The adventures in free-hand routing continue. For a while I had a kind of ugly "No Soliciting" sign I'd made with a white oak veneer over some scraps of mahogany with the milling machine, but it was kind of ugly. Also, we had some punk say "... but I'm not soliciting, I'm canvassing!", so we...
  4. House Name

    This is for our retirement house on a lake. We are 1/4 mile off main lake on Poplar Creek…so we named the home "Up The Creek". Cut from 1" thick padauk and finished with tung oil. This is the first time using this wood and I like it, deep and rich color and easy to cut. Thanks for looking!
  5. Wedding Sign - 2016

    Made for a colleague of my wife. Reclaimed fence pickets and letters laser cut from 1/8" plywood at our local FabLab.
  6. Shelf for antique sign

    I wanted to display the sign that s on my Dad's Motorola radio repair shop. The sign is probably over 70s old it so. He worked there before WWII, and ended up owning it in the 70s. I worked there in high school. I had looked at metal brackets, but thought it just spent look good enough. I...
  7. Yard Sign

    My parents recently built a new house on a few acres. I snagged one of the floor beams from the old farm house that had to come down (still had bark on 2 edges). The grey/brown surface of the letters is just the aged face of the beam.
  8. Time spent in the shop

    I have not had a chance lately to spend much time in the shop, though I am trying to remedy that. I have been playing with routed signs and seeing some the latest ones posted reminded me that I did not post my first completed one. It was made on scrap wood I had laying around, nothing special...
  9. jobsite sign

    kinda a hair brain idea, while on a jobsite. people were driving by, slowly, looking at us work. and i thought prehaps if we had somthing telling who we are may bring in more work. I biskit 1×12's togetter then a friend, Jay aka J5, an employee at the home depo did the art work. he drew the...
  10. Ohio University Bobcat Sign

    I upgraded from a Dremel router setup to a Bosch Colt Palm Router. Had to use the Dremel for some of the fine detail work. Love my first try with the Bosch Colt. GREAT TOOL! Thanks to JimmyHack for sharing his design. He did this as well with scroll saw. I envy his skills. Here is the...
  11. Engagement and Wedding gift

    This is an enhancement and addition to the "Friends" sign. I had the 2 messages connect and be one as with the marriage of two friends. It took a bit of detailing to get the pieces to match perfectly.
  12. Family Sign

    Family sign I made for a client
  13. Signs

    Made these signs for some Facebook friends and they came to visit today from West TN. Made these signs from from some old white oak, with black painted routed lettering and satin poly. I put a ogee edge on them and key hole slots on the back to hang them.
  14. Routed sign #7

    This was my first project ever not counting the time I nailed to sticks together when I was 6! Made it about 2 years ago with rocklers sigh making kit.
  15. Red Cedar Freehand router signs

    I tried a new edge design on this batch and I think I like it. These are done freehand with a 1 1/2 horse router and a 60 degree v-groove bit on red cedar with a polyurathane finish. The humming bird sign is about 30 inches long. The 'Be Nice' signs are 8"x16".
  16. First Routed Sign

    Wedding present for a good friend. First time using a router to create a wooden sign. A lot of fun and a good learning experience, looking forward to making more.
  17. Sign

    This was a sign that my wife got an order for. The customer wanted it to look like an old piece of wood off of a boat. It was a present for her grandfather and the quote is one that he would always say.
  18. Clean or Dirty? Dishwasher Sign-Hand Carved

    Here is a project that I made for our new washing machine. I took a piece of quarter inch yellowheart and made transferred a clean/dirty design onto it. Then I carved out the letters and used a shallow gouge to chamfer the edge a little. The letters were fairly small, so I used a toothpick to...
  19. Small sign for my shop

    Last week I finally made myself a small sign for my shop. Now my visitors and the delivery men will be able to locate my shop a little easier I hope. It is made out of some palletwood and 4mm mdf. I used my lasercutter to cut out the all the letters and the logo. I captured the making of the...
21-40 of 500 Results