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  1. Journal Signs or Puzzles

    I was shooting for a quick project for Christmas gift for our Grandkids this year. So I decided on a puzzle theme, the younger ones will get the puzzle ones, and the 2 older ones will get room signs. Each board will have a frame around it. These started with some 1/4" Maple plywood, which will...
  2. Information Sign Board w/ Magnetic Frames

    This is another project for the summer camp I work at. It is a sign board that displays the pictures/cell phone numbers of our 3 staff hosts on duty, it has two 8.5×11 frames for general group information/schedule, and it has a weatherproof literature box to hold our camp maps. This is one of...

    Chestnut sign 130×21cm, handcarved with router straight bit fi 6mm, 2mm deep. Painted with black, waterbased colour, sanded, finish teak oil. It said: ''This house enter smart and dumb, but exit all equal'' ....meaning, after few drinks…LOL

    Wedding sign board made of senna wood (senna siamea) 80×60cm, 18mm thick, no finish. Signing was made with white felt pen. I made all cuttings with jigsaw, sanded with oscillating spindle sander.
1-4 of 4 Results