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  1. Custom Side Table

    This is the Personalized Figured Maple Side Table that I created to accompany my Custom Figured Maple Rocking Chair. I must say that they look quite nice together. The lines of this custom side table flow from part to the next creating the feeling that the side table is all one. The legs ware...
  2. Two For Christmas and Her Birthday

    With two days separating Christmas and my wife's birthday, if I make one something, I always have to make two. These are two matching side tables for my wife to put to use. I started this project as a way to get rid of on old chair that she has her alarm clock and sleep apnea machine sitting...
  3. Man Cave Side Tables

    Just finished a couple of side tables, they are constructed of Sapele & Curly Maple. The finish is several coats of Arm-R-Seal, followed by normal finishing process.
  4. Personalized Black Walnut Side Table

    Personalized Black Walnut Side Table This is a custom side table that I created to accompany my custom wood seat rocking chair. As a furniture set they look quite nice together. You can see the fluid flowing lines that go from one piece to the next creating the illusion that the side table is...
  5. Pirouette Side Tables

    My Pirouette side tables look like dancers twirling about the room. These tables are very deceptive and look delicate, but are really quite stable and sturdy. The most recent set was made with walnut and I inlaid aluminum dancers slippers in the top. They are very fun to build and very eye...
  6. Trio of Tiny Tables

    Sitting on my back deck is pretty awesome, but whenever I had a beverage in my hand it was a bit less awesome because there was nowhere to set it down. It was time to make some side tables. These are my first project of my own design and specs. I made one prototype and then recreated it 2 more...
1-6 of 6 Results