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  1. A Chair

    What can I say I have been in love with this chair design even before I received my latest book The Furniture of Sam Maloof, and to my enjoyment and a little bit of a tease there is a picture of this chair in this book. So after much searching I have about 3 pictures to reference and some rough...
  2. This is probably my only shot at a "daily top 15" status at LJ - come on you all!!

    Have been making two of these. Its really quite fast; it took me only about 1,5 years… (more due to other engagements as a father of two etc. than just the complexity of the project). Finally the first one is completely finished. The second one is behind by one day of sanding & the 4-5 coats of...
  3. Pennsylvania Side Chair

    I made this side chair to go with the Desk on Frame project I posted earlier. This is yet another Lonnie Bird School project. I know many people on this forum are self taught, And believe me, you have my great admiration. But I have loved learning under the watchful eye of a master craftsman...
  4. Stickleyish Side Chair

    Hey All, This is my first chair project and I am quite pleased with it. It is the prototype for a set of 6 that I plan to make in the next 6 months or so (followed by the matching table). It is made from American White Oak and is based on the Stickley 353 side chair, but with some key...
  5. Side Chair

    Wood side chair made from scrap pieces of wood.
  6. Steam bent walnut dining chairs

    Took about 3 months to figure out the frames and invent all the jigs to make the parts. I was burned out after that and got back to finishing them and doing the slip seats in the last few weeks.
  7. Maple Sapele Occasional Chair

    This started out as a western big leaf maple side chair, one of 5 that I had cut up into parts years ago and stuck back in a corner waiting to get to. This is a shot of one of the original side chairs at a show in Roseburg Oregon called "Sticks and Strands" that featured woodworks and...
  8. Blogs
    Mission Dining Build #2 The Dining chairs are coming along nicely now, with corner braces in place, and a mock up seat cushion. We found some nice genuine leather today, that is the same color as the mock up.
1-8 of 8 Results