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  1. Sibirian Venus

    h-22cm.basswood ,"Siberian collection"," Russian Baths",rustic.
  2. Grandfather (Кузьма)

    h-40cm. "Siberian collection", hand made,basswood,rustic.
  3. Spoon Carver

    h-10'', "Siberian collection",basswood
  4. Baths and beer

    50cm х40cm х4cm. pine. hand made.
  5. Little Girl

    2009 year, h 20cm. Siberian collection.
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi there, This is my first time posting o this forum - and I'm still a rookie in the woodworking world so I apologize if the question seems amateur-ish! I need some pipe clamps for my first woodworking project (ongoing) which is my workbench. I'm going to be laminating about 25 2X3s to form...
  7. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm making a TV stand. I had plan on adding flush raised panel doors. After making the case, I'm thinking the door openings are too small and might look strange with raised panel. Each door opening is 16" Wide by 7-3/8" high. So either the rail and stiles would have to be rather narrow or the...
1-8 of 8 Results