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  1. shuffleboard table

    shuffleboard table custom made for ski house solid wood board 13' long built to last a lifetime current owner is selling house so the table is for sale contact me if interested
  2. Shuffleboard

    This is a seven ft by 15 in playing shuffleboard and 8 ft by 2ft total size. I used extra hardwood floor that my sister had left over from her kitchen project. Everything I used was 3/4 cheap plywood for under the playing surface and MDF 1/2 in for the sides. I used 3/4 runners to hold the...
  3. Shuffleboard Game

    A fun little project. Plywood, walnut frame, oak dowels, green felt, gloss poly, wax. These will go to the winners of our corn hole game at this years reunion in July. Thanks for looking.
  4. Shuffleboard

    Shuffleboard, Red oak and hard maple, 14'Lx30"Wx36"H Fun project to build I hope I get to do another one soon.
  5. Sjoelbak anyone? (Dutch shuffleboard)

    This was a project that I have wanted to build for a long time, and I finally got around to it. I promised the family it would be done by Christmas, and what do ya know! It's done a month early! For those of you not familiar with Dutch shuffleboard, it's a very fun and addictive game. Each...
  6. Kineti-Go Magnetic Shuffleboard - Magnetic Propulsion technology

    Kineti-Go Magnetic Shuffleboard is a game I invented in 2003. (for those of you familiar with my Kinetic Magnetic Sculptures- the concept for those came from my quest to make a magnetic "trophy" to award at a Kineti-Go tournament in 2004). Though I am a lot busier than I used to be, I still...
  7. Shuffleboard table for fun

    Here is a 16 foot shuffleboard table, which was one of the first projects I made in my new shop. I thought that I needed a break from making furniture so this was just the thing. If you would like to see it under construction check out the following link:
  8. Bowling Pins for the Shuffleboard Table

    A little project to warm me up for the oncoming winter. I got an e-mail from the place that I bought the pucks and wax for my shuffleboard table. They were selling a set of bowling pins for about $40. I figured that I could make them a lot cheaper. Like for nothing. I wanted them to all be...
  9. Joinery
    Hi, I'm new here and relatively new to woodworking so I'm sorry in advance if I use the incorrect terminology. I recently decided I wanted to make a shuffleboard table and have it mostly completed except for the playing surface which is where I've encountered a problem. The playing surface is...
  10. Wood & Lumber
    I've always thought that a bowling lane would make a great workbench. I've got an opportunity to buy a shuffleboard table which seems like a good alternative. Anybody have experience with this?
1-10 of 10 Results