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  1. St Jude Shrine

    An interesting and challenging project, all spanish cedar. Lacquer finish and acrylic paint for details.
  2. Friendship shrine - thoughts to all my LJ friends.

    Friendship shrine thoughts to all my LJ friends. This project emerged out of friendships, that I made on LJ, some that grew over the years, some that vanished and some of them went into personal friendships, one even to a brother, with a different mother. This post is from the blog...
  3. Coffee ceremony shrine - Kōhī gishiki kokumotsu kibako.

    Coffee ceremony shrine Kōhī gishiki kokumotsu kibako. Finally I can upload this as a finished project, it ended up taking a long time, before I got to do the finish, du to the fact I have moved to my allotment house (summerhouse) for the summer and have plenty to do here. This post is from a...
  4. Blogs
    Vape pen stand As an amputee I have intense phantom pain that only a relief vape can stop. If you lay them on their side all the juice pools on the side instead of at the base of the wick. The vape pens themselves have a small, tippy, footprint that easily falls over even if your hand is steady...
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  5. Blogs
    Using the Festool jointing system VS 600 GE Coffee ceremony shrine for a Svea 123r camp stove Using the Festool jointing system VS 600 GE. Yes you might get upset now, because I'll start this project by telling a small story of a camp stove, how I got it and restored it - after that, the real...
  6. Blogs
    The beginning. Friendship shrine The beginning. This is a story and project, that has been on it's way, for a long, long time. Some of the materials arrived in my workshop, for more than ten years ago, the build started in 2016 and had several holds on it's way, for many reasons. It's a...
1-6 of 6 Results