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  1. Ice Chest Stand

    Our oldest is in college and loved his gift. Box is beech hardwood. Hinged lid with chain stays and faucet for drain. He said he hooked a water hose to it and ran it out his 2nd floor dorm window to drain. His mother and I put a 12-pack of Mountain Dew in it so we knew at least once it had a...
  2. Folding Breakfast Tray

    This lovely tray is modeled after those used in the PBS series "Downton Abbey". Made of walnut it features angled finger joints on the tray rails and a clever wooden spring mechanism that holds the legs closed in storage, and locks the legs open in use. If you want to build your own version...
  3. Thickness Sander

    Well, Here is another project that is currently underway. I'm building a Thickness Sander. I got the Plans from Shopnotes Issue 86. I however made some changes to those plans. First of all I'm powering it from a 1.5 HP 110V motor. I didn't like the idea of setup on the table saw every time I...
  4. Sheep Door

    This was also built for a B&B, it sits upstairs looking over a large front room in a scribe fit log building on the river.
  5. Cube Wooden Candle Holders

    I used a 2×4 for the wood and used a router to make the letters. For a how to video and free plans for this project click Here! Check out my YouTube channel Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans! Check out my Website Rosewood59 for more projects and free plans! Thanks for checking out...
  6. Adjustable Library Stand

    This Library Stand can be used to read books in your library, as a lectern, or as a stand up desk with your tablet or laptop. It features bent-wood laminated parts for the feet, stretchers and the mechanism that tilts the top. It is featured in Episodes Three and Four of my TV show, Woodcademy...
  7. Walnut and Maple Picture Frame

    Just a little project for a Christmas present, one of the sides I used a piece of walnut crotch wood, it looks pretty cool. But I did a little detail work in the back that i dont have pictures of right now, so I'll have them up soon.
  8. Show Poster Frame - Purple Heart with bubinga splines

    So this is all that I've been doing lately. And I am going to continue until all of those cardboard tubes in my storage closet are empty. Why pay $200+ when I can crank these out for about $50/piece. This is the first time I have included a mat in the equation. I think the natural hues from the...
  9. Shedua Bandsaw Box -

    This is a design from Lois Ventura's Sculpted Band Saw Boxes book. It was a gift for my sister at Christmas. It is made from Shedua and finished with 2 coats of Danish Oil and then buffed on Beall buffing system… Sorry for the bad pics from the camera phone. Thanks for looking!!
  10. Weave Cutting Board

    This cutting board is made from Sapele, Maple Ambrosia, and Yellowheart.
  11. Carvings and display

    Here are a couple more pictures of my carvings. Like I said, just fun stuff to do. The display here is what I made for our craft shows. My wife makes quilts and I do the wood carving and simple country furniture and nick knacks. We also do custom coffee mugs, tiles, coasters and much more. We...
  12. Small box.

    So here I was, Sunday before christmas, reviewing all the things I had made for friends and family and as I was going over the list, I realized that I had forgotten one very special person. My wife. Did I mention that it is was around 7:00 at night, two days before christmas? Hmm what to do...
  13. Charles Rohlfs Style High Back Desk Chair recreated Mark DeCou Honduras Mahogany Wood handcarved

    Charles Rohlfs Style Chair, recreated in Honduras Mahogany, by Mark A. DeCou. This project was a commissioned item, if you'd like something similar, please start by visiting my store to review the commission listing You may also email me directly at: [email protected] ----------...
  14. Tea Chest

    Here's a tea box I made a month or two ago. It's mahogany and tiger/ambrosia maple. Our tea was taking over the pantry. I love being able to make stuff I need. I finished it with satin arm-r-seal. Enjoy!
  15. Zebra Wood and Walnut Tall Opera/Dress Walking Cane

    ----------------------------- This walking cane has been "SOLD" (1-31-2009) Cane Serial Number #2008-03 Height: 38.75 inches Welcome Web Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this posting where you'll find a list of canes that...
  16. Santa with a list...

    Santa has a list and is checking it carefully to make sure all the presents got delivered. Santa is carved from basswood, painted with acrylic paints, and stands about 6 inches tall. Claude
  17. great out door bird feeder

    Spring is hear so as much as I love to watch nature feed I decided to build a real nice large bird/squirrel feeder. I have had both birds big and small and squirrels in it feeding already. I just started cutting the boards and came up with this design. I used pine boards and for the roof top I...
  18. The Mermaid of Blake Mere automaton

    The only inland British mermaid legend sips a G&T at the bar of The Mermaid pub in Staffordshire. STORYTELLING: ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE MIDLANDS BILSTON CRAFT GALLERY 25 MAY 2013 - 24 AUGUST 2013...
  19. Set of Little Piggy Cutting Boards for Etsy Store

    It's time to come clean and tell y'all that we have an Etsy Store. The most popular item so far seems to be these "little piggy" cutting boards. I'm trying to build up a little inventory, so the store is a little skinny right now, but things are selling. I decided to make and sell these boards...
  20. blanket chest

    Built this just after christmas 52 long 27 wide 26 high…made panels but joints screwed an pluged..then painted..
1-20 of 99 Results