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  1. Shot Glass Display Case

    My coworker asked if I can make a shot glass display case. Naturally I said "Yes". Well better late than never. I milled everything down from 3/4 stock that was from cabinet shop cutoffs. Finished it tonight. It actually looks better than my photography shows.
  2. Shot glass rack

    This was my first "serious" WW project. My daughter collects souviner shot glasses, has over 100 of them. The wood is stained poplar with a varnish finish. On this project I learned that cutting that many bridle joints on a flimsy plastic table saw with a $10 blade yieldsa lot of recuts and...
  3. Shot glass (bowl 40)

    In breaks between waiting for other projects to dry (I've started using Tried and True Varnish Oil for some projects, and it looks like it's going to give great results if I can just be patient enough to do a half dozen coats with a full day for each to dry), I've been playing with the lathe...
  4. More Wood Turnings

    More wood turning projects. THe bowl and larger tree are walnut and maple. The small christmas tree and shot glass are cocobolo (i think).
  5. BURL shot glass

    I purchased a small piece of a burl and at first had no idea what to do with it. I decided it was large enough to turn into a shot glass. The cherry burl has beautiful grain. I sold this one for 20 dollars. It is safe to drink out of. I used several coats of a food safe finish.(Salad bowl finish)
  6. Two Small Hand-Turned Exotic Wood Goblets

    These small goblets were turned on a lathe and finished with turner's polish. Each one started as a 2″ by 2″ spindle mounted on a 4 jaw chuck. A forstner bit was used to do most of the hollowing then a variety of tools finished the rest of the shape. Although they can be used for small glass...
  7. Bocote Shot glass

    Shot glass made from Bocote. I turned a captive ring in the middle. Sanded to 600 and finished with mineral oil.
  8. Shot Glass Display

    I was consigned to do this piece for some friends of mine. The main case is oak and the trim and miter keys are zebrawood. I liked the flatsawn figure of the zebrawood and used the natural warp of the board to my advantage, splaying the two bookmatched stiles upwards and outwards. The shelve's...
  9. Shot Glass / Display Shelf

    I made this shot glass shelf for a young friend of mine. It's made with bloodwood and pine. it is 32" tall by 10" wide. When I went online looking for ideals all I found was big boxes with little cubby holes that you hang on the wall. Well I decided to step out of the box (sorry) and make...
  10. Shot Glasses

    I decided to try something new. Shot glasses are a good way to practice new skills and techniques without wasting a lot of wood. Left to right cocobolo, ziricote, and burmese rosewood. Finished using a few coats of mineral oil.
  11. Jack Daniels Bottle Tote

    Made for a friend to give as a gift at a Jack Daniels themed wedding. Solid oak with removable copper tubing handle, holes for the shot glasses to sit in. Date cut from maple on an Excalibur scroll saw. Thanks for looking.
  12. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Would like to find the plans that would hold 20 bottles of wine with the criss cross design. Hubby has someone interested in having one made. I've been all over searching. Can't seem to find anyone online/mags I have for with what he needs. Any links or point me in the right direction we both...
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    Okay I have to say that being out of work and unemployed is getting old, and I'm starting to think my problems are going to get much bigger. I keep pondering the idea that maybe I could pass my knowledge along. I have most of the essential tools to woodworking, especially for the basics. I...
1-13 of 13 Results