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  1. My version of the "ShopDog"

    After seeing so many great folding sawhorse designs on this forum I had to have a go at my own version of the ShopDog. Thanks to all the help and inspiration from the forum.
  2. Collapsible Table for the Shopdog Sawhorses

    When I saw the folding sawhorses Canexican designed I knew they would be a great help for me. You see I sold all my woodworking equipment 11 years ago when we "hit the road" in our RV. Last year I got the itch to have a shop again so I bought a 24' enclosed cargo trailer and started equipping...
  3. Ultimate Folding Sawhorse II "Shopdog"

    Well, it's finally redesigned and finished! I call it the "Shopdog", a craftsman's best friend. It really is the best folding sawhorse design out there. You can custom make any attachment you wish and they can be interchanged very quickly and tool free. When attachments are locked into place...
  4. Folding Sawhorses

    I recently had a need for some sawhorses. I wanted to build something worth keeping in the shop, because I knew they would be handy to have around. I strongly considered Matthias Wandel's stackable sawhorses because I knew they would be sturdy and easy to build, but I just don't have a good...
  5. Jigs & Fixtures
    In case you haven't seen this yet : ) Also check out the adjustable miter sanding fixture ! Happy New Year to all !!
  6. Blogs
    Sawhorse "The Ultimate Folding Sawhorse" Shopdog Check out this sawhorse design video. I think you will find it at least very interesting CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO
  7. Finishing
    I recently completed two projects in red oak. I have always struggled with finishing and went with GF gel stain to help get and even color. One project I sanded to 220, 1lb cut amber shellac, then the gel stain. The other, I sanded to 150 and did the gel stain. Both resulted in a extremely...
1-7 of 7 Results