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  1. Coaching Clipboard

    I am coaching middle school track again this year and at the end of last season my plastic clipboard broke. I saved the clip off of it and just before the season started I decided to grab a piece of scrap from my shop and use the CNC Router in my school classroom (shop) to design a new one...
  2. Live edge desk nameplate

    A desk nameplate that I made for my wife's aunt. She had 3 trees cut down this summer and I asked her if I could have the logs. There was one spruce and two Siberian Elm. I took the logs to a fellow industrial arts teacher in another district that teaches a lumber milling class. I had about half...
  3. Monogram inlay serving tray

    This is my first CNC wood project and my first post to Lumberjocks. It is a serving tray in Walnut with Maple inlay using the VCarve inlay technique. It's covered with 4 coats of poly/oil and 2 coats of poly/wax. It is a gift for my father. I think it turned out pretty well and that he will be...
  4. Laser Cut ShopBot Thumbscrew Assist

    For years I've found the thumbscrews on the ShopBot to be a pain to use. I finally made a simple tool to help deal with that! Details on the jig are at
  5. Citrus Cutting Board

    A week or so ago, my Brother asked me to make him a small cutting board strictly to be able to cut limes and lemons on. The larger board I gave him was simply too bulky to "drag out" every time he wanted to cut a lime in half. "Just make something simple and small" Sure…........sure…...
  6. Crab Inlay Cutting Board

    Cutting Board with Crab Inlay Cherry with maple 10-3/4" x 8-1/2" This piece features a cherry base with an eighth inch thick maple inlay of a crab cut on a ShopBot CNC routing machine. It is finished with six coats of tung and boiled linseed oil, polyurethane, and beeswax mixtures. View on...
  7. CNC Carved Crab Top Boxes

    These are small walnut boxes made using the ShopBot Desktop CNC machine and Vectric Aspire software. There are two different lids, one a domed lid with a crab cut in relief and the other a flat lid with a holly crab laminated to the surface of the walnut. In the video, below, it is particularly...
  8. CNC Woodworking
    Looking for feedback on the Millright CNC router. I've been looking at getting one of these as a starter machine as a new Shapeoko XXL is a little more than I want to spend right now.
  9. Blogs
    CNC Router for the shop Well, we all have big dreams on what tools we would like to have in our shops. This is one I would like to get - CNC Router by Shopbot. Imagine being able to cut your project by simply laying the wood on the table, turning on the machine, and go get a cup of coffee or...
  10. Marketplace Classifieds
    Does anyone have, or know of, a Shopbot CNC machine for hire for small jobs? I'm looking to make clock faces as masters for molds….please message me if you can help!
  11. Marketplace Classifieds
    PRS Alpha 48×96x6 Shopbot $14,900 2.2 HSD Spindle Vacuum table 4 zone with brand new spare vacuum Bits Included V carve engraving bit, (3) ½" finishers, ½" rougher, 1 1/4" Spoilboard cutter, 45 degree chamfer ER 25 Collets • (1) 1/4" • (1) 1/8" • (2) 1/2" • (1) 3/8" • (1) 5/32" • (1) 3/16"...
  12. Finishing
    I have started to make things out of this remarkable slab of old growth redwood. The slab came from a tree that was cut down a century ago. 50 years after the tree was felled the stump was harvested. 60 years after that the slab made it's way to me. That means this wood has had decades to...
  13. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hi guys, hope you are enjoying the holidays… finally put the video together - had over 400 clips and pictures. Probably the biggest thing ever made on a ShopBot Desktop… 30kg of wood and glue that you can ride! Jon
1-14 of 14 Results