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  1. Scrolled Marine Corps Emblem

    Parting gift for a LtCol. Made from 1/2" oak and used red plexiglass for the background. Stained Early American and finished with clear lacquer.
  2. Rolling Clamp Cart

    This will keep that clamp collection where it's needed. Combined the ideas from several other clamp carts and then put casters on it to make it easy to move right where it's needed.
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am putting my shop back together after recently moving and retiring. The space I have is essentially a third of a three car garage except that "my" section is very long. 11' wide by 34' long. I have a table saw with extended table that I will put in front of the garage door so I can open...
  4. Blogs
    Table Saw If you had read The Great Table Saw Debate Continues then you know I just recently purchased an old Craftsman Emerson saw. This was a major step in my home shop. The old saw literraly crapped out on me in a major way. (Could have killed me if I wasn't careful.) Well, after a...
  5. Blogs
    Background and explaination My woodworking hobby started a couple of summers ago. A friend gave me a router as he was downsizing. I was not too sure whether my new hobby would stick and was not sure how much gear I would acquire. in February of last year I decided I would continue with...
1-5 of 5 Results