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  1. Oval Top Box

    This box started out as a quick and fast throw together project and it actually went together pretty well, unlike some of my other boxes. I really like the lid on this one , the shape and it adds a different look to the box. I will be trying more with this shape. It is 9 1/2×5 1/2×4 1/2 and...
  2. Large Cedar Table and Benches

    Large aromatic eastern red cedar picnic table and benches for customer. Thanks Wood: aromatic eastern red cedar Finish: none Dimensions: 6'" long, 28" tall, 40" wide
  3. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hello: I'm new to the site. Todd Clippinger told me about this site when we were discussing his shop. I'm planning to build my dream shop and I went to Todd for some advise. By the way, Thanks Todd or all your help! I am hoping to get more input from some of you on what you have learned from...
  4. Blogs
    Initial attempt at blogging and a test of interest level Well, here goes; my first attempt at a blog, and because of that I'll keep this entry short to see how my editing and pix uploading skills turn out. The purpose of the blog is to chronicle the design, construction and outfitting of my...
  5. Blogs
    Site Selection and Shop Orientation This whole year has not been very productive for me. A little over a year ago we lost our plant to a fire and since I've always worked hard long hours for over 40 years it certainly knocked me for a loop. I was planning on working another five years or more...
  6. Focus on the Workspace
    I am going to build a shop this spring, most likely a pole building of 30×40 size. Ofcourse there are many decisions to be made. One of the most critical is what type of flooring should I put down. I have worked on concrete for most of my life but in the winter it gets awfully cold and sore on...
  7. Blogs
    My Dream Shop Build If you've been following my blog posts all summer (links at the end of this write-up), you are probably as excited about this video release as I am! Welcome to the Dream Shop Build! Every woodworker (I...
1-7 of 7 Results