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  1. College Wood Projects

    This started with an order to make 2 rings out of some wood from trees removed from Michigan State University. The customer could get oak, pine or sycamore and I chose the sycamore for her project. There was to be one plain ring for her husband and one for her with a green inlay ( MSU color)...
  2. Four Shoehorns

    These four shoehorns are made from kits from Pennstate. The shafts are 20" long and made from pistachio. They are finished with Danish Oil and buffed and waxed. Cheers, Jim
  3. Fluted Shoehorn

    I used up my last shoehorn kit on this one. I found this dusty osage orange plank in my shop thinking it was walnut, so I cut out a blank and decided to make this one different from the rest of the lot. It gave me an excuse to get out the lathe router guide (...
  4. Curly Maple Shoehorn

    I need another long shoehorn for Arizona and I did not want to buy another Penn State kit, although their brass shoehorn kit is very nice. I wanted the challenge of making a one piece shoehorn from a stick of wood. I have only this one piece of Curly maple and it worked out good for the...
1-4 of 4 Results