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  1. Shoe Shelf

    Shoe shelf I made for my wife for her birthday. The concept, I think, was sound. The implementation, not so much. Was on a tight budget for materials, and the thing had to fit into a very narrow space. It's made from re-sawn 2/4's in a sort of "crate" style. The shelves are adjustable using...
  2. Shoe shelf

    Husband wanted a shoe shelf for the backdoor entry and I wanted a quickie weekend project, so this fit the bill. Kona stain on top- which is a panel that was marked down at HD, sides, back and bottom are ply and the legs are 2×2's with 1×2's for the aprons. Nice use of scrap wood.
  3. Shoe shelf

    A solution to shoes collecting at the top of the basement stairs. Hand planed quarter sawn cherry with tiny ebony wedges. Doesn't create a dark space and lets air circulate around the shoes. Drawn up in Google Sketchup. This allows you to make dimensioned part drawings of the three parts (photo...
  4. My Shoe Shelf

    My wife wanted a shoe shelf to go next to our entryway door into the house from the garage. I thought about just putting a quick square shelf in there, but I thought I'd try something a little more exciting. Who says a shoe shelf can't be exciting? I copied this design directly from another LJ...
  5. Shoe Shelf Rack

    My Girlfriend needed a shoe rack. I used a 12ft piece of paint grade 1×12 paneling board and an 8ft Pine 2×4 ripped in half. First time trying dado joinery, I think i Da-did Ok. Piece is very sturdy, standing at 30 inches tall and 30 inches wide
  6. Walnut shoe shelf

    Here's a walnut shoe shelf that I made. Finished with General Finish Arm-R-Seal. The dovetailed rails were hand cut (my first try at it and the last one looks alot better than the first). The back is shiplapped boards. I desiigned it using sketchup (the last picture is the model). Thanks for...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi everybody. I don't know if somebody mentioned here already, I just wanna let everybody know that the Moisture Meter made by General which is normally $29.00 is on sale right now at Lowes for $9.98. It's also on sale on their website >>...
1-7 of 7 Results