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  1. Christmas Presents 2010

    Projects this season include: 5 cutting boards 5 picture frames 8 pencil holders 1 wine bottle stopper 1 shoe horn 3 pens (2 slimlines and 1 fountain) Woods include maple, cherry, walnut, purpleheart, redheart, and bloodwood One interesting note are the cutting boards that have a random...
  2. Long Shoe Horn

    This is another long shoe horn made from left over Birds Eye Maple for a current project. the wood part is 20" long and it is finished with EEE and Shellawax. The brass shoe horn kit is from Penn State and I turned the front brass ferrule for strength in the business end of it. Cheers, Jim
  3. Mulberry Shoe Horn

    This is a gift for Roger the electrical inspector I met when he inspected my solar panel wiring. He brought me over a mulberry log and I told him I'd make him something out of it rather turn it into fire wood like the rest of the tree. I have a bowl roughed out for his wife that won't get...
  4. Some Christmas Turnings

    A few Christmas turnings. Pen and letter opener are in Cocobolo and the Shoe Horn is in Amazouke.
  5. 2 Mesquite Shoehorns

    These are some shoe horns I made for some guys leaving the park. They are 27 1/2" long and one has about half of it in Sap wood. The wood was on the scrap pile at the sawmill. they are finished with clear gloss lacquer
  6. 7 Shoe Horns

    These are more stock for the July Craft Show. They are made with 5 different woods. From Left to right : Rosewood( my favorite), Chestnut, Maple, Box Elder and 3 Mesquite. They are made with kits from Penn State with brass ferrules I made for the bottom to reinforce the wood around that end...
  7. fancy shoe horns

    Made a trio of these shoe horns using kits from Craft Supplies USA. I'm keeping one and giving the rest to coworkers going through back surgeries… hopefully it will help them avoid bending over for shoes. Two are made from soft maple and jatoba, one from bajan mahogany. Finished with teak...
  8. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi I have found some interest/fun in making shoe horn after experience plastic ones that breaks and metal ones that bends. Using beech is working great, and I also made one from some walnut and birch scrap that I joined. The ones I have made so far is just carved out from the wood. It...
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Back in September I bought the Central Machinery 2HP Dust Collector. It is doing what all I wanted except when I turn it off it whines down with a horrible screeching noise. I hesitate to start putting grease anywhere. I see on the instructions diagram there is a "packing" washer like thing...
1-9 of 9 Results