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  1. Office Shelving

    Needed some shelving for the office. Made this in 2 days using some 2×10s. Had some inspiration at a coffee shop, so we went home and promptly designed and built it.
  2. Cherry and Padauk shelves

    These are shelves I made for my daughters. They share a room and needed something for their frames and such. It is made out of cherry and padauk. The supports and shelves are notched (dado) so they can slide into each other. To get the rounded corners to match I created a template of one [round]...
  3. Landry room remodel

    This is 3 years of Christmas presents for my mom. She cuts hair out of her house and needed an upgrade from what i had built for her in high school. It is all built out of cherry and finished with chestnut stain.
  4. 1909 Stretched Music Stand Shelving Unit

    I need a shelving unit to display my many wood mechanical toys and wood locks. I searched through different shelf designs, and liked this circa 1909 Music Stand design. I stretched the 15 inch wide design to 24.5 inches wide to give more shelf space. I used red oak on this project. I also...
  5. Swiveling Screwdriver Shelves

    Made these two swiveling screwdriver shelves to help keep my bench free of tools. The idea was from a CD that came with a sample Woodsmith magazine. Made from leftover maple hardwood flooring. The factory finish is holding up well :)
  6. Kid Coat Shelve

    This is the first project made with my "new" 1950s craftsman table saw. It is also my first real wood working project since high school shop in 1994. It was for my sister-in-law for a Christmas present. She has 4 boys and she wanted something better for storage of coats, book bags, and hats...
  7. Shot Glass Hutch

    I started making this last week before my show but did not get it finished in time so I finished it today. I made it to hold my shot glasses and lighters. I should of made it bigger. There is a LED light that runs on Batteries so I did not have to have a cord hanging down. The wood is Oak that...
  8. Valerie's Nail Polish Shelf

    My wife requested that I make her a nail polish rack. I had a short 10/4 piece of mahogany that the entire project is made out of (with the exception of the front lip and french cleat, that was left over from a previous project). I re-sawed all of the parts from the one piece of mahogany...
  9. Vertical Shelf

    Built this for my daughter's birthday as she needed some shelving for her new room, but didn't have a lot of horizontal space. So I started looking on my new favorite place for ideas…....Pinterest. Found one like this and came up with my own version. It's Cherry and the shelves from top to...
  10. Mission Style Bookshelf made from ... Cherry

    Made from solid cherry, this mission style bookshelf has two adjustable shelves to maximize storage choices. Dimensions are 60"H x 30"W x 13"D. I cut the plugs with a (newly purchased for this project) 3/8-in plug cutter so I was able to match (somewhat) the grain. Starting from rough cut...
  11. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Im thinking of building an arbor for my yard. Im thinking one with 4 post with a swing attached….My question is do people normally put lattice material on the sides? if so that stuff seems like it isnt very durable. What do yal reccomend on the sides?
  12. Site Help and Suggestions
    I was wondering if there could be a new selection for when you go to add a project. There is selections for bed bench bowl box cabinet carving chair chest clock frame furniture jig pen plane table toy tray workbench As you...
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    When the glue-up of my bed footboard dried I saw that the backside on one corner did not close and left about 1/8" gap in that area. Should I / Can I fill it with something?
1-13 of 13 Results