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  1. Shaving Brush

    This is my first attempt at a shaving brush. I used Black and White Ebony for the handle. CA/BLO finish. Thanks for looking.
  2. Shaving stand, Rimu and maple

    First post here, just finished a little project for my dad's birthday. His shaving gear is looking a little sad these days so i whipped this up for him, first spline joints and definitely learned a couple of things for next time. Not a lot of progress stuff but its pretty self explanatory.
  3. Shave Horse

    Have always wanted one of these and made it today for a total of $13.64. I used 2'' x 6'' and 2'' x 4'' pressure treated lumber, 3/8'' bolts/washers/nuts and an old 1'' fiberglass broom handle for the dowels. Someone here posted a similar version of this and I thank them for the inspiration...
  4. Shaving Kit

    This shaving kit was a gift to my brother-in-law for Christmas. All pieces are walnut with the exception to the rim of the bowl which is Brazilian rosewood. The brush is a badger hair brush I bought at Woodcraft. I fixed the brush to the wood using an epoxy glue. The inside of the bowl is a...
  5. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I am refinishing an old thrift store dining table for a friend out of paneled oak and planning to inlay their family initial in the expansion leaf. The problem is they want a dark table with light inlay. Would one stain the oak dark then do my light wood inlay, or do it all at once then...
  6. Joinery
    Just another way of doing it... if you choose to try it… Instructables - Hand Cut Dovetails with a Hacksaw. I thought it was interesting… I don't think I will ever do this… BUT, if all other methods are not available at the time, I might try it. :)
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a slightly older Craftsman table saw and I'm thinking of trying to put on a Delta Unifence. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions or has tried it? I'm just not sure if mounting the Unifence will be easy or not.
  8. Focus on the Workspace
    Hi. I need to get a portable workbench. I would like something that could easily hold a table saw so that I can do my sawing outside. I have looked at the Black & Decker and Skil. Are there any others that you could recommend? Thanks.
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi folks, We recently ran a blog concerning a tablesaw tenoning technique Chris Becksvoort is pretty fond of. It started a pretty interesting conversation in the blog comments section and I'm kind of curious as to what folks here on LJ think. You can see the speed tenon video here. Anyhow -...
  10. Blogs
    The rules of the day So I'm calling this the slowest shop, because thanks to the "econemy" (misspelled deliberately because it's more enemy than economy) and other life issues, just as many/most of us on here are, I'm unable to do most of the things I'd really like to do. In an earlier blog I...
  11. Blogs
    A sunday afternoons pick for the shop! Hey friends, hope all is well out there. For anyone that enjoys my type of woodwork and shop I thought that I would have a separate blog series for when I am not actually working on projects but finding cool picks, auction purchases or just adding to the...
  12. Blogs
    Day 1 After debating with myself for the past 6 months or so, I finallly decided on a design and got the nod from my CFO to go buy the lumber (it helps that my local Menards had a sale on everything in the store, including lumber). I won't go into all the details and back story on the blog...
  13. Blogs
    Green Woodworking....looking for my peeps ;) Hi; not so much an update. but putting something here hoping it helps my search. I am looking for Green Woodworking people, amateurs, pro's, wannabees, aficionados,... you know people who like to start with trees and make things out of them! I am...
  14. Blogs
    New Post on the Little Good Pieces Blog: Shaving Rack - Part 4 There's a new post on the Little Good Pieces Blog: Shaving Rack - Part 4. I shape the brackets for the razor and brushes. Check it out!
  15. Blogs
    New Post on the Little Good Pieces Blog: Shaving Rack - Part 1 There's a new post on the Little Good Pieces Blog: Shaving Rack - Part 1. I start on a small-scale project to keep my shaving hardware organized. Check it out!
  16. Blogs
    New Post on the Little Good Pieces Blog: Shaving Rack - Part 2 There's a new post on the Little Good Pieces blog: Shaving Rack - Part 2. I deal with the peculiarities of ebony and the difficulties of small-scale mortise-and-tenon joinery. Check it out...
  17. Blogs
    Pallet wood, spokeshave and a Stanley 35 Hey friends, I figured It may be time for me to try doing a project blog… hope this may be of interest to someone. This was a fun or more like….CRAZY challenge I set for myself to find out…what could I do in a two hour time limit….with ONLY 2...
  18. Blogs
    Make a Shaving Horse | Hand tools | Part 1 How to make a shaving horse, as my way … Enjoy with me this peaceful process and take the time to have fun in all steps. I really hope you like this video, and if so, you share it with others on your social networks, like and comment. All it's...
  19. Marketplace Classifieds
    Hey all. I finally am getting around to listing a few more planes for sale. These have all been refurbished by me. My refurbishing includes cleaning and sharpening to 8000 grit. All soles are checked for flatness and are within 3 to 4 thou. Blade backs are lapped flat, bevels honed, chip...
21-40 of 42 Results