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  1. Simple turned shaving handle

    Simple turned shaving handle

    Nothing fancy. Just a simple turned shaving handle for a gift. The blank is that "tru-stone" material (Azurite-Malachite-Natural-Look) which polishes up very nicely with micro mesh and handles a wet environment well.
  2. Shaving kit and new chuck

    Shaving kit and new chuck

    The shaving kit is from Penn State Industries. The chuck is from Woodcraft. The wood is Cocobolo. I am sending the shaving kit to a carving friend of mine. Hope he likes it. Thanks for looking.
  3. segmented shaving brush

    segmented shaving brush

    My first attempts at building a segmented piece for turning. It is Walnut Maple and Cherry with purely ornamental walnut dowels. the finish is CA glue. I am pretty happy with this but I need to get better guides for my new band saw.
  4. Cocobolo Shaving Brush

    Cocobolo Shaving Brush

    This is a cocobolo shaving brush that I made for my Father's birthday. I used a silvertip badger brush knot as my Father deserves the best. I turned the handle, sanded to 1200 and finished it with Renaissance Wax. The knot is epoxied into a hole I created with a forstner bit on the lathe.
  5. Shaving kit

    Shaving kit

    Shaivng kit made from Padauk.
  6. Shave box

    Shave box

    I started shaving with a 1962 Gillette adjustable Slim DE Razor and made this box for traveling. This was kind of an experiment that turned out well enough to use. I have no idea what wood it is as it was a piece of scrap I got from an estate sale. It is finished with Tung oil.
  7. Bathroom shelves with sliding dovetails

    Bathroom shelves with sliding dovetails

    I needed a set of shelves in my bathroom to hold my shaving equipment, so I decided to build a set out of western maple. This was my first attempt at sliding dovetails, which I mostly just wanted to use for the visual effect with the contrasting wood colors. I cut the joints with a 5/8"...
  8. (Almost) Matched Barbers set

    (Almost) Matched Barbers set

    When I got my first DE shaving set, I wasn't quite happy with it. The main problem was that the shaft on the razor was to short, and the brush was a little light weight for my preference. So I had an old rosewood knob and some plane hardware in my left over box. Ordered the badger knot from...
  9. shaving kit

    shaving kit

    Yesterday I made the shaving kit by soft curly maple & ebony. polymerized tung-oil x 2 boat varnish x 2
  10. Wooden ring with a green Jade inlay

    Wooden ring with a green Jade inlay

    I'm a 29 years guy from Barcelona (Catalunya). I started in woodworking by accident and I get trapped. I've dedicated like an amateur for the last two years. I'd like to start posting and sharing my humble work in this forum, which I've been reading for long time ago. This is my latest project...
  11. Shaving bowl and brush

    Shaving bowl and brush

    My Daughter ended up claiming this one for her legs. It's a 5 inch bowl and matching brush with a CA finish. She squeaked when she realized she could have it. ( Don't get a squeak every day for my wood work!) Osage orange with a silver tip brush.
  12. Shaving Brush

    Shaving Brush

    I made this shaving brush after seeing the prices charged for brushes through shaving suppliers. It is made from blackwood with a best badger knot purchased online. For full construction details, read my blog article:
  13. Oak shavings Ring

    Oak shavings Ring

    Hi LJ's, I posted some days before a ring project that involves wood shavings and stone inlay (you can check it here: Well, I bring you here an older and simpler ring project I've made 3 months ago. It's made with european oak which is fairly dificult...
  14. Shaving Brushes and lathe practice

    Shaving Brushes and lathe practice

    I recently made myself a traditional wet shaving set. Complete with Double-edge razor, badger hair shaving brush, and a drying stand. It led to friends and family asking for prices and to make them a set. So now I have my work cut out. I received 15 orders. Here is the first 6 shaving...
  15. Cocobolo Shaving Brush

    Cocobolo Shaving Brush

    I made this last night for my father-in-law's birthday today. The finish is beeswax. It's a little chunkier than I would have liked, but I think he'll like it.
  16. Shaving Brush-Curly Asian Satinwood

    Shaving Brush-Curly Asian Satinwood

    Holy Cow! Asian Satinwood(Pyinma) is beautiful! I had never heard of this wood before and it came included in a variety pack from woodcraft. Does anyone know why its not more popular?! From what I can find, its more common to find it in a curly/quilted figure than Maple. Anyways, it was...
  17. Scrambling Squirrel on Backrest

    Scrambling Squirrel on Backrest

    A squirrel with a dirty face.
  18. Shaving Brush for my 16yr Birthday Present

    Shaving Brush for my 16yr Birthday Present

    The boy is always using my soaps/ brush and bowl for shaving. So I decided to make his own for him. The brush knott is 22mm silver tipped badger hair (extra fine). I had a freind cast the blank, I sent hime 2 OSU Buckeye ball markers to put at the end of the handle. (Calebs a big Buckeye fan)...
  19. Homemade Shaper or Table Saw Fence - Biesemeyer Style

    Homemade Shaper or Table Saw Fence - Biesemeyer Style

    Its been a while since I've posted anything, so I figured I'd post about the fence I built. I built this to go on to my Delta Rockwell Shaper that I will be restoring. The fence is a Biesemeyer style and has a 2" tube on the back of the shaper that supports the wooden cam lock. Pull the lever up...
  20. Shaving Stand, Brush & Razor Handle

    Shaving Stand, Brush & Razor Handle

    Shaving stand, brush and razor handle in chrome and Cocobolo. This is made of kits from Woodcraft. I find the kits from Woodcraft and PSI of about the same style and price. Depends on your preference. A relatively easy project with great pay off.