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  1. Auction Table

    We have a friend that is in auctioneer, this table would not sell at one of his auctions, and he purchased it and asked us if we would give it a little care. Susie and I have been working on it in her spare time. We try to help pieces like this resell, but we can not always put the devoted...
  2. Blanket chest in English elm

    I made this five or six years ago and it originally stood at the foot of our bed until we became sick of lacerated legs in the middle of the night. I'd had the piece of burr elm for some years waiting for the right job to come along and I added a piece along the back edge to improve the lid...
  3. Traditional Oilstone Holder

    I decided to make a traditional holder for my Norton medium India stone (8"x2"x1") after watching Bill Carter talking about oilstones on YouTube. After searching the internet for other examples, I merged all the elements that I liked into my design. It features a pitched roof, opposing chamfers...
  4. Lathe Gouge Tool Sharpening Jig

    I am new to wood turning and was frustrated with how inadequately I was able to sharpen my knives freehand so I designed and made this jig that rotates on its axis and gives a smooth facet at the cut for my gouges and a few scrapers. The jig adjusts for various lengths and angles. There is a...
  5. scrollsaw

    i love doing jaguars and leopards
  6. Custom Fancy Cane #053: (Extra Large) Manzanita Burl & Black Walnut

    The client wanted a fancy wood version of a cane she currently uses that has a very fat handle that projects a good 7 inches. I tried to match the length and girth of the old cane handle and then proceeded to add more to the size for strength and style. She wanted to place the entire width of...
  7. Tripp Trapp Chairs

    My wife saw a real Tripp Trapp Chair at a speech therapy clinic and insisted we must have three…one for each of our children. We looked online and they cost between $200 and $300 a piece. All of a sudden I was certain I could make them. They are probably worth that, though, as they were more...
  8. Table Saw blade measurer

    I was wanting to make sure that my table saw blade was square to my tracks, though all I had was a metal ruler and a digital caliper. I can extend the end and zero out the caliper to get the difference between the two. This saved so much frustration rather than having to use a metal rule.
  9. Routertable storage cabinet

    This has been one of those project that seem I would never ever get too until it was time to clean out the shop area…so putting good use to all that left-over scrap I came up with this storage unit. Thanks to all the lumberjocks for their inspiration to final get to this storage unit…Blkcherry
  10. Sharpening Jig for Moulding Planes

    One of the difficulties when making your own wooden planes is creating the initial shape on the blade. Even if you do most of the work before hardening it is still tedious work by hand and in my first attempt also a waste of a piece of good water stone. So I made myself a small jig to hold the...
  11. Angle Display

    For a number of years now i have been buying these for my wife, i decided they needed a nice place to be displayed so i made this case out of puruvian maple for her for mothers day. hope you like.
  12. rice gathering sticks #2

    the last pic I'm the 3rd one from the right yes the one the looks like a 70s drummer lol
  13. Veritas Folding Adirondack Chair

    Here is my attempt at making an Adirondack chair. I've made a couple of big rigid chairs but wanted to make a couple of folding chairs for the garden and to take out and about. I used the paper plans from Veritas and found the instructions easy enough to follow, I stuck them on plywood to make...
  14. Walnut Nightstands

    This project has been a work in progress for quite sometime! All while this project was going on I also got engaged and married and now we both get to enjoy these nightstands in our bedroom. These were designed between my now wife and I did all the design drawings on sketchup. She has very good...
  15. Jointer Knife Sharpening Jig

    This is one of my favorite "tools". I like to keep my jointer knives sharp, in between the major honings to remove nicks. I read an article a few years ago in Finewoodworking on how to sharpen them in place. It used a dowel in a wood block to index the slots in the cutterhead. Looked great...
  16. A 'heritage' box for my cousin

    This is big enough for most documents & photograph albums - memorabilia of sentimental / historical value - Clutter? Main structure is oak; mostly from ex school laboratory workbenches (you can see two filled screwholes on the inside!) and the lid panel in zebrano that retains its sapwood...
  17. Purplehart Picture Frame

    This is the picture frame I made for the autograph of David Marks. It is a small fun project that will let you use a cool "spline Jig". I had to make one of these before I could make the frame. This frame was a blast to make and was very easy. I got the glass from an old picture frame I picked...
  18. Sharpening Jig For Card Scrapers

    I always found it rather inconvenient to clamp the card scrapers into a vise. For that reason I took a scrap piece of maple, added a bevel of 10° on each side of the top, cut a rabbet in each bottom corner and finally cut it in halves. Two short pins prevent the halves from shifting around...
  19. Cherry and Walnut entry door

    This door is 7/8 quilted cherry on the exterior and 7/8 walnut on the interior. The glass was salvaged from the corner of the street prior to trash pick-up, it is 3/8 metal grid impregnated and tempered. Still trying to figure out hardware. Door is protected from weather by a large covered porch.
  20. Graduation Gift

    Another framing project. As part of a graduation gift for my gal, I framed her diploma. Frame is purple heart, birdseye maple and lacewood finished with tung oil and shellac.
1-20 of 55 Results