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  1. Walnut and Maple Whatever Box

    11.5"x5.5"x2.75" I may still add a lift, but undecided. I think it get's away with not having one nicely. The chamfer around the edge is more than enough to comfortably open the box. Sanded to 220, buffed with red rouge, BLO then Ren wax.
  2. Fancy Cane #2

    A second go at turning and shaping a cane. The top 1/3 of the shaft and the handle where hand shaped ,the bottom of the shaft was turned. The walnut shaft is part of a garage sale find , I have only 2 pieces left now [rats]. I chose lace wood for the handle for it's dark colour to match the...
  3. Hat Making Tool Custom Shape Crown Hat Block Set Long Oval Shape Cowboy Western Hats

    Custom Shaping of Long Oval Shaped Crown Blocks This is a project I did for a custom hat making shop in Texas. This is a "Crown Block", used to do the preliminary shaping of the felt hat body into the shape of a head. I make several other tools that are used for the shaping and cutting, etc...
  4. Redwood Burl and Walnut Hall Table

    Redwood Burl and Walnut. Some malachite fill here and there.
  5. Diamond Willow Hiker #2

    Materials Wood - Bebbs Willow Leather strap Ball Compass Brass Tip Finish - Satin Poly 57" inches
  6. Diamond Willow Hiker #4

    Materials Wood - Bebbs Willow Leather strap Brass Tip Finish - Satin Poly 58" inches
  7. Good ol' Fashioned Pizza Peel

    Finally decided to get around to making a pizza peel. It was a pretty fun project, i have yet to make a pizza yet and try it out. I started off with 1/2" maple and walnut, ripped them and glued them up. Shaped the front, the handle and the back just for looks. Then i finished it with a homemade...
  8. "Caress" - Carved box

    Here is a box I made recently and it is now for sale in a small art gallery in Nakusp, BC. The main wood for the box is made of cherry wood from the same orchard in Nakusp where I got the apple wood (see crib boards). It is beautiful curly cherry, with amazing color much nicer than normal cherry...
  9. Shaped box

    Made in bubinga, small drawer at the bottum, hinges inlayed, finshed with a french polish applyed by hand.
  10. Mesa

    This wing box features a mix of woods that are native to Oregon. The body is Madrone, a hardwood that keeps its leaves year round, has a smooth red bark that peels back like a skin. The wood when freshly cut is a watermelon color. Typically the lumber leans towards a light pinkish color. Great...
  11. Inside Out Woodturning | Heart Shaped Pendant

    I used the technique of inside out woodturning to make this heart shaped pendant, to tell the truth it may have been easier to make this on the scroll saw but I was interested in trying the technique! For more on this project and the process of inside out woodturning visit here...
  12. Sal's Table | Custom

    This is an unfinished table built for a repeat customer in New York. Like their previous bed, the customer wanted to finish it out. The customer sent me a pictures of something they liked as a starting point and some additional instructions. The original picture is the last one in the...
  13. Valentine's Day Custom Heart Jewelry for the Wife; Silver, Burled Walnut, Crushed Turquoise Inlay

    After many years of giving my wife woodworking gifts for presents for days like Valentine's Day, she's sort of tired of them. I can tell in the first "look" when she opens something whether it's a hit, or not. I have almost given up, to be honest, and between you and me. This year, on the...
  14. CanyonLands

    CanyonLands is the first in a series of boxes that will feature two new designs. 1-The first is the inset panel which wraps all four sides. I did this by routing a recess about 3/8'' deep in the walnut and inserted solid myrtlewood about 7/16'' thick. This allowed me to plane it all flat down...
  15. The Box

    Walnut, one coat BLO. Nothing on the interior yet, will be some simple dividing trays, also walnut. Burn is from where the tree caught fire from a lightning strike. No joke.
  16. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi Guys and Girls Not really sure if I am allowed to post this but given half of the knife is wood I thought it might be ok. I live in Northern Ireland which is a small country of 1.8 million people and there is literally one place in the whole country that sells hardwood anywhere else it's...
  17. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Widespread Panic, Aint Life Grand. Photo montage By Khatt Baker
  18. Joinery
    new wood adhesive… Has anyone had experience with this new product
1-19 of 19 Results