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  1. Hearts

    MY work to weddings.
  2. heart

    Present to sisters.
  3. Carved Elk Button ,Diamond Willow Hiker

    The Mountian Lion was carved into a spur on the elk button [what's a elk button ?] . There wasn't enough of the little spur to carve both sides of the face but I think I like the way it turned out better . When you turn the the stick you kind of discover the mountain lion hiding there. The elk...
  4. Redwood Burl and Walnut Hall Table

    Redwood Burl and Walnut. Some malachite fill here and there.
  5. Carved Elk Button ,Diamond Willow Hiker #2

    Material Top - Elk antler [ Elk Button ] Shaft - Diamond willow Spacer - Brass Collar Bottom - Brass tipped Finish - Wipe-on Poly 48 inchs
  6. Diamond Willow Hiker #3

    Materials Wood - Diamond Willow [Bebbs Willow] Leather wrist strap Tip - Brass Finish - Poly Epoxy in cracks 56" inches
  7. Diamond Willow w/ Elk Button Walking Stick

    Diamond willow walking stick [ 42 inches tall ] topped with a Elk button . The spacer between the two is Caragana . The bottom is protected by a 3/4 " brass tip which accepts the high quality rubber tips perfectly. I choose not to straighten the top area of the stick as it is at a nice angle to...
  8. TigeRinger

    My wife asked me to make her a ring holder in the shape of a pyramid or some sort to have a dedicated place for the rings as sometimes they need to be searched for 8o) . At first I thought I'd rig my drill press to turn something, but thought it may be too much trouble at the moment while I'm...
  9. Set of Little Piggy Cutting Boards for Etsy Store

    It's time to come clean and tell y'all that we have an Etsy Store. The most popular item so far seems to be these "little piggy" cutting boards. I'm trying to build up a little inventory, so the store is a little skinny right now, but things are selling. I decided to make and sell these boards...
  10. Hat Making Tools: Band Blocks, Four handy Styles in Various Sizes and Oval Shapes

    Here are photos of typical Band Blocks, used by custom hat makers. You can check the current inventory of band blocks, and other hat making tools that I build by clicking here --------------------------------- Project Story: Custom Hat Makers use Band Blocks in the final shaping of a hat to...
  11. Diamond Willow Hiker

    A diamond willow hiker with a ball compuss , leather wraist strap , and a 12 gauge shot gun hull used to protect the bottom . SOLD Materials Wood - Bebbs Willow Leather strap Bruton Ball Compuss 12 Gauge Shot Gun Hull Finish - Satin Poly Thank you for your interest.
  12. Restoration Maillard Allie Conformateur Brevete Allie Aine Formillon Hat Maker Head Measuring

    Photos from my recent restoration of a Maillard Allie Conformateur, Brevete Allie Aine Formillon, and a Brevete Plot Board. ------------- Project Story But….What is it? A Conformateur is used by hat makers to measure a customer's head. A restored tool can accurately give a perfect...
  13. 49 Carrot Hiking Stick

    This is my favorite diamond willow hiking stick. It hangs on the wall in our kitchen [did I mention I have a tolerant wife], I can't bring myself to use it in the bush - yet. This was hand shaped on and off over a period of 6 months. Across the sticks 58 inch length are 49 diamonds , the centre...
  14. Site Help and Suggestions
    I put about 5 coats of shellac on an outdoor bench not realizing the sun would make it blister. Could I now put several coats of Spar Varnish over that without making a mess of things. In other words after the varnish could I then set it outside without it blistering? Thanks, mike
  15. Jigs & Fixtures
    Hey everyone, I'm going to be building a unique game table for a client. The table top will be a custom shape. The shape is kind of an oval but with both ends squared off. Rockler and other places sell router jigs for making elliptical shapes. And normally, I would use one of those and chop the...
  16. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am looking for some advice on refinishing an oak table and filling in some holes. Background: Perhaps against our better judgement we bought a round kitchen table more or less via the internet….unseen in orther words. Unfortunately, it came with "worm holes" and antiquing" which the...
  17. Blogs
    Design Shortly After completing the toolbox that was posted here: I realized that I'll need some setup to hold the larger tool/components/etc as it just won't fit into the small toolbox. I looked around at kennedy, snap-on, and other similar toolcarts and they are either too big or too $$$...
  18. Blogs
    Hat Making Tool: Prototypes #1 & #2 of the DeCou Studio Formillon and Conformer Update 2-19-2009: For photos of the restored Maillard Conformateur & Formillon For photos showing another restored Maillard Formillon here And photos of a Carrying Case for the Maillard Allie Conformateur and...
  19. Blogs
    Better File handles Better File Handles - An article by Bob Patrick in December 1989 Vol. 2, Number 6 - Projects in Metal. A friend from the Mason - Dixon Woodworking club is getting ready to move and he was getting rid of all of his old issues of magazines. His wife suggested that I might...
1-20 of 22 Results