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  1. Single kitchen cabinet

    Our 1970's era house has these funky old kitchen cabinets. I'm guessing the original stove was one of those wider electric ones, as the stove hood was something like 42 inches wide. Anyway, at some point, somebody replaced that wider stove with a modern, standard width stove, leaving a spot at...
  2. First time making shaker doors

    I wanted to make some doors to add storage to the bottom of my miter station, and figured I might as well learn a new skill while I'm at it. The concept of tongue and groove doors is simple: all 4 pieces have a groove, and 2 of them have a tongue on each end, which allows you to snap the...
  3. Craft Room

    Almost completed: Formal Living Room to Craft Room conversion. I built the upper cabinets out of 3/4" Baltic birch plywood with poplar face frames and doors. The shelves inside the upper cabinets are made out of plywood and poplar edging. I built my own shelve standards out of plywood and...
  4. Mobile Pantry Cabinet

    Hey Everyone, it's been a while since I've actually been in the garage a.k.a. "my workshop" building things. But I am now back at it. I found myself in the position were I didn't have any place to store small appliances and my pantry space was very limited. In fact, I have one split cabinet...
1-4 of 4 Results