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  1. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    So recently I purchased this moisture meter because it was cheap. Since I'm also cheap it seemed like a good fit… It has four settings to chose from for the species group, but unfortunately the sample groups are not very large. Here is the current list that came with the meter: A: Teak...
  2. CNC Woodworking
    Hello all, I have 2 questions about tweaking cutting settings, questions I have investigated myself, but just cant seem to get the straight forward answers I am looking for. I am hoping a direct dialog with someone can help. I apologize if this information is listed elsewhere, but after doing...
  3. CNC Woodworking
    I am running into a problem with breaking bits. I am trying to do a carve with a 1 mm bit in poplar. I get about 10 minutes into the cut and the bit breaks. I think that it is the feed and plunge rate. I am trying to go 1/16 deep what would you set as the feed and plunge rate? Here are my settings.
  4. Blogs
    Current videos posted on Fine Woodworking I wanted a way to share the Sketchup blog I've been doing at Fine Woodworking with my friends here at LJ. While I can't post the commentary because of contractual stuff with FWW (you should all subscibe anyway…it's a great resource) I can let you know...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a Grizzly GO586 8" jointer. Its about 4 years old now and I'm thinking about buying a second set of knives for it and sending the current ones off to be sharpened. I watched the "Setting Jointer Knives" video #10 on the GarageWoodWorks web site: It...
  6. Blogs
    Edit Your Blog Settings Let me notify you about another new and useful feature. It's been born out of necessity since I had to be able to adjust some blog settings before launching the LJ Podcast. But this feature is going to be useful to anybody who wants to customize and improve own LJ blog...
1-6 of 6 Results