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    Couple of walnut 30x20x1.8cm cutting/serving boards, finished with food friendly wood oil. Finger access was made on routertable with 45 degree (miter) router bit and stop blocks.
  2. Projects Walnut serving tray w/ cherry inlay

    This was something I made on request; the customer asked for a walnut serving tray with cherry inlay. It is about 18"x15" The sides with the handles I attached with walnut dowels for strength. For the bottom, I wanted to use one solid piece, but the widest board I had was only about 12 inches...
  3. Opposite Twins Serving Boards

    I've been 'sitting' on these for a year now due to a silly mistake! These are about 16"x 10", major woods are Walnut and Cherry, the white wood is Maple. Finished with mineral oil. The construction is straight forward. Basically remove the wood along an arc with a router bit, then replace it...
  4. Donut holder

    50 units researched and developed with London restaurants D&D. Stainless steel spike secured using fast setting resin.
  5. Serving Tray

    Black walnut, 16"x24". This one has a permanent home in the kitchen. Wife loves it. Hand-cut box joints. I see the screw-ups, but others don't seem to. Finish is wiped on satin poly, rubbed out with steel wool.
  6. Quick cheese boards

    We had a "Secret Santa" gift exchange at the office, so I decided to make a quick and simple cheese/serving board from the cutoff bin. We also needed a little something extra for a gift bag we gave to "Snow Plow Neighbor" who so thoughtfully clears our driveway, so I just made the glue up a bit...
  7. Teak serving tray

    This is my first marquetry project its a teak serving tray with copmass rose inlay, made of wengé and maple. I,m realy proud of the result and am eager to know what you guys think of my work. - Frank Boer Skype: frank_boer More to follow if you guys like it. Thanks to Marc Spagnuolo and his...
  8. Sunset Tray - Scrap Wood Project -build video AlmFab

    Hey everyone, I just found out about this forum and am excited to share some projects. In this project, I go through my scrap bin and make a serving tray. With the variety of wood scraps I had on hand, I was able to create this sunset design going from dark earthy tones of walnut, rosewood...
  9. Bread/Serving board

    Bread/serving board made from mahogany and cherry. 14"x6"x2". This is the first one that I've lost the handle and added feet to. I think it turned out nice.
  10. Southwest

    My influence for this board was the art of the American Southwest. I gave it to my daughter Rachel as an anniversary gift and she displays it on the hutch. Photo #2 shows the finger recess. The woods used are: Eastern Maple,Cherry,American Sycamore,Peruvian Walnut,Western...
  11. This years high volume lower profit boards

    These are my less expensive boards for my first show in August. I usually make about 35 - 40 total in 7 different styles for each show and generally sell all but a handful for $25 - $40 each. Where I make my money is they are made entirely from scraps and shorts. I'll run the both sides through...
  12. Walnut & Zebrawood Salad Set

    This salad bowl is 14 1/4" diameter and 2 3/4" deep. Finished with Watco Butcher Block Oil I glued up 8/4 walnut and rough turned the bottom layer, then glued up a round of 8/4 for the second layer. Before adding this to the first layer, I dadoed out a cavity for the zebrawood accent strip.
  13. Serving Trays - a couple of month's work - I work slowly!!

    A while back I made 2 serving trays, one as a gift and one to sell. Well, the gift generated an order for 4 more for Christmas and the one for sale was the first item that sold at a small crafts fair in Woods Hole MA this summer. So I decided to make the 4 + a few more - 6 to be exact - for...
  14. Showtime! Serving Trays

    "quickly built" trays for an upcoming crafts fair. The specs: Black walnut with ambrosia maple and jatoba. Dimensions are 12" x 18", 10 degree slant on the handles. Finish is danish oil and Homer's tung oil finish (varnish). I ran into a few difficulties with the wood for these. I only had...
  15. Wine Barrel Head - Cheese Board

    I made some of these for Christmas gifts. I did not take pics of the others, but I used the middle of the barrel head to make a longer board with straight sides and curved ends. Some shorter boards I cut in half so that they had a square end and a curved end. The one shown uses the outer...
  16. Work in progress.

    Serving tray # 4 in progress. Finisched work photo's soon. - Frank Boer
  17. Black Walnut serving tray

    Black Walnut, cherry, and maple… I sat on this board for several months before I decided on these handles. I wanted something that wouldn't distract from the grain of the walnut. Finished with butcher block oil.B
  18. Bat walnut platter (inlayed with maple) and its steel bat knife

    A quick project for christmas. A walnut bat platter for fruits or cheeses and its bat knife cut out from a cabinet scraper !! :) I also inlayed some contrasting strips of maple in the walnut. The video below shows the making process and how the knife works and throws. I couldnt manage to get...
1-20 of 74 Results