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  1. Boxguy Tops The Scales

    Pictured: A jewelry box with a laser cut, interwoven dragon scale top. In the top the lighter wood is Japanese Sen. The darker wood is figured Etome from Ghana. The sides of the box are African Mahogany from central Africa. The corner splines are New England Rock Maple salvaged from very old...
  2. Dragon's Wake

    First, I want to thank my brother, Det, for giving me the majority of the wood that went into this project. The hull the decking, dragon's head, and a lot more is of Sen wood. This was formally pallet wood that he inhertited from his father-in-law. The accent pieces; railing, gates, dragon's...
  3. Woodworking Skill Share
    This weekend I rearranged my chair templates to one location. Thought I would share my wall of templates. Templates include: Scott Morrison - Simple Rocker Scott Morrison - Tea Chair Scott Morrison - Music Stand Hal Taylor - Maloof Rocker (Small, Medium, & Large) Charles Brock - Maloof...
  4. Hand Tools
    So I just finished reading the Anarchist's Tool Chest by Chris Schwartz. It was a very good book. I like how Chris presents his progression from a tool hoarder, to what can be called a minimalist carpenter, without being to preachy. He talks a lot about using tools to build things of quality and...
1-4 of 4 Results