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  1. Nether Edge Farmers Market Summer 2011

    Just an update on how the stall looked this weekend. . . . in situ! Was a great day for sales and a few ostrich burgers to boot! Thanks to all for their fab feedback on the stall & products :) More images on my Facebook page here: and remember to LIKE the...
  2. 3Vessels done more to go

    For the last 2 days been finnishing this vessels and ,they have great coloring and texture Im quite happy with the results hope the next ones are better still,the pic are in two takes each some front to back others top view,any comments welcome ,sure it will make me a bit better turner(have...
  3. Mushrooms are growing

    My mushroom patch is growing. The one on the left grew from a green cherry log yesterday. The one on the right grew about 4 months ago. Its also cherry, hope one more grows this summer.

    Made this little heart box for the love of my life for Valentine Day. I made it on the bandsaw, I can't remeber where I got the plans from. The top pivots on a small dowel. I used multiple coats of Tung Oil for the finish.
  5. TV Stand

    My freind, Sheldon, bought a new TV for the bedroom and wanted a simple stand so he could put the DVD player and cable box under it. It was made with poplar. I used a miter joint at the edges to hide the end grain. A little bit of stain and some polyurethane finish and there you have it...
  6. Wine rack and bookshelf

    A wine rack and bookshelf, custom made to fit under a desk in a kitchen.
  7. Frankenstein Feathered Hard Fishing Lure

    Time to kill. I thought about making a hard bait that incorporated feathers into the body. It was a strange assembly but in the end I came out with something. The next one will be better. I don't know if anyone else does this. The thing is made out of white pine, finished with feathers, an...
  8. Gazebo Fly-Through Platform Bird Feeder

    I build these large fly-through bird feeders about 10 years ago. The first one I designed after I had patched up an old Amish-built one for a coworker. That bird feeder was quite large and had a copper roof on it. I really liked how practical it was - you simply toss bird seed inside and the...
  9. DIY Shop Stuff

    Nothin' complex here, guys….just a few of the DIY tools I have around. 1. 37" bar protractor 2. assortment of center finders 3. blind dowel centers case 4. corner spline sled 5. coffee cup dust-keeper-out-of thingy box 6. shooting block same paper size as my pneumatic
  10. Wally

    This is a platter turned from walnut. It measures 10.5" wide by 1.5" tall. It is finished with tung oil/varnish mixture, poly, and Briwax. All comments, suggestions and critiques are welcome.
  11. an Updated Coffin

    lets start with a great big thanks to terryR who made me this wonderful mallet in last years mallet swap..It's quickly become my favorite mallet. It was very useful in making this coffin plane. I wanted to do one, and thought I would just dress it up a little. this was the inspiration It's made...
  12. Letter "B" Bandsaw Box

    This is a bandsaw box made as a gift for family members whose last name starts with the letter B. Aside from one practice piece, this was my first bandsaw box. It's made of white oak, red oak, Honduran mahogany, African mahogany (knobs) and zebra wood. The zebrawood is a veneer glued onto the...
  13. Christmas Clock

    I made this clock for my girlfriend
  14. Day / Trundle Bed

    My wife and I are expecting many things. One of them is a baby :-D Another is house guests. Since the baby will be taking the "guest" room, the third bedroom which we called an "Office" gets to be remade into a room that will host guests, an office desk, and a library. To allow our guests to...
  15. French Cleat Systainer/Plane Storage

    Just showing off my french cleat system for the new shop. Going with a lot of festool stuff for the rebuild… and though the systainers are AWESOME for storage and transport, they are a little frustrating for in-shop use because the top-loading nature of them means that you can't set things on...
  16. Cedar Chest

    This is the second chest that I made from the same set of plans. The first one was made form Walnut, which I gave to our oldest daughter. This one is for my wife. I made it from a Red Cedar tree that I cut down on a friends property, had it cut into 4/4, and waited till it dried enough to...
  17. Maple & Cocobolo box, and also my first pen

    I made this box to start out my woodworking for the year. The wood I used is some figured maple and cocobolo. The craziest thing happened when I was working with the cocobolo though! As I planed it, it shifted from a deep red/black to a bright purple/yellow! I was pretty stunned. Reading up on...
  18. Serving Tray

    I had a customer who had a house on the lake. She wanted something "boaty" to serve drinks on. I had a couple of boat cleats laying around and this is what I came up with. Those aren't the old cleats I had, I bought some better looking ones.
  19. Display Cabinet / Shelves

    Just finished this white cabinet to display my wife's finished pottery pieces in the studio and/or at a show. It's 2' high x 6' wide x 12" deep and made with 3/4" pine plywood. Solid pine face frame and solid pine nosing on the removable shelves. I routered 3/8" and 3/4" thick MDF for the trim...
  20. Leopardwood Mancala board

    My wife and I love to play Mancala, so I decided to make a board for us. First game board I've ever made, so a bit of a learning experience. Found a nice box core router bit for the pits, but had to build a jig for the end holes since the router edge guide wasn't good for making squares. Glued...
1-20 of 96 Results