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  1. Super Bowl XLVIII Party Decoration

    Designed this and cut out on the CNC router for the host of our Super Bowl party.
  2. Red Oak Board Bow

    Been working on this as time allowed over the last few weeks. Finished it on March 16th, save for continued oiling of the wood which will go on for a long time. So far I've shot it about 100 times and I love it! Truly an exciting and enjoyable project and certainly not the last one I'll make. I...
  3. Floating shelves

    Floating shelves- pine, provincial, satin finish
  4. Self Portrait toy

    This is a self portrait I made for a school assignment. I did not really have any plan when I started this, I just started carving the head, and worked down from there. originally it was going to be many different materials, with just wood hands, but i wanted to challenge myself, and try to...
  5. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    The testimonies are precisely the reason I use these sights; deterrent. Hopefully, the deterrent will prevent having to use the weapon in self defense.
  6. Blogs
    Found CD from old shop in 2000! Hey everyone! I was going thru some old CDs and found stuff from my old shop. Old Shop I used to run a web site MARKSWOODSHOP.COM, and this is some of that old content. It'll take me a bit to get the stuff reformatted and uploaded so stay tuned for further...
  7. Blogs
    Knotty Maple I just love it when the lumber truck shows up. This time was exceptional. I got three different types of wood, Poplar, Alder and knotty Maple. I've been wanting to build something out of knotty maple for many years and just haven't had the chance. I really like the difference in...
  8. Blogs
    Splitter from a shelf bracket My new (to me) Unisaw didn't come with any safety equipment, and I've been having trouble finding a splitter that I like, so I decided that until I find one I really like, I'll just make one and add it to my new ZC throat plate. I laid in bed last night racking my...
  9. Blogs
    SUPER COOL SIDE TABLE Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel.
1-9 of 9 Results