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  1. Projects Flower Bowl

    I saw a bowl like this on Lumberjocks and decided I wanted to give it a try. I took a picture of the blank used to make the previous flower bowl on Lumberjocks and imported it into Carbide create. Then cleaned up the image and separated the pieces. Then moved the pieces that were to be cut from...
  2. Projects Segmented Bowl

    This deep segmented bowl combines conventional flat segmented rings with staves. Bowl is 5-3/4" tall and 7" in diameter. Finish is wipe-on polyurethane. This one was turned as a prize in the bucket raffle at our local guild's annual craft show.
  3. Yet, another wooden Bowl

    Another wooden bowl ,made from scraps ! walnut,oak,and cherry. The bottom design came from another fellow lumberjock. thanks for lookin'
  4. Segmented Vases

    quarter sawn sycamore, cherry, black walnut and hard maple. 13" tall by 6.5" dia.
  5. Cherry Compote for the Boss

    I learned early on in woodworking that if you make whatever project your wife requests, its easier to get her on board for shop time and tool purchases. The latest request came from a home decor website. I actually made the whole thing and posted a quick photo to Facebook before I found out...
  6. Another Segmented Top

    This was a fun project. I am really liking the segmented work. This piece has 73 pieces in it made of walnut and maple. Thanks for looking.
  7. My Students work

    In my class one of the many projects we make are wooden segmented bowls, and we are just getting started. here are the first 2 bowls ,hott off the lathe… they are about 6 1/2 " in D and about 4 " H The bowls are made from … walnut, red cedar, and oak
  8. Caribbean rosewood & cherry bowls

    Hello fellas, I don't know how many times I can post segmented bowl projects before you guys start to groan, but here I go again. The first bowl is cherry with purple heart stripes and caribbean rosewood base. The second bowl is caribbean rosewood with a cherry stripe. I ran across the...
  9. Segmented Bowl

    Bowl made from Bloodwood, maple, walnut and ebonized walnut. It's 5" H and 11" dia.
  10. 1st Segmented bowl

    This is my first attempt at a segmented bowl. It holds candy, but there is a lot of room for progress. It is made of walnut, lyptus, maple, and ash. The walls are really too thick, but I wanted to not explode the first one, so I'll go for much thinner on the next one. Lamps and other things...
  11. Cousins

    73 pieces, consisting of butternut and black walnut, 11.75" in dia 6.5" tall, finish consists of danish oil with wipe on clear gloss poly
  12. Cherry Burl Experiment

    Hello again, I just finished a new segmented bowl and am looking for constructive comments. The bowl is made from 304 segments of Cherry and Ebony, plus there is an Ebony Plug in the bottom and the top ring is a solid slab of Cherry burl. My wife says I am too critical of my work. This bowl...
  13. Segmented Zig-Zag Vase

    I did one more segmented vase to work on form and feature rings. This is my first completed piece with the zig-zag ring. The zig-zag is fun to do. Hopefully in time and practice I can get better at them. The vase is red oak and walnut, 5" tall, 3.5" major diameter, 2.25 base diameter, 145...
  14. Small Segmented Bowl

    Small Segmented Bowl, 69 pieces. Segments are Maple, Walnut and Purpleheart for the base. I liked the way that bottom feature ring came out on the inside. Measures 3.5" at the top tapering to 1.5" at the bottom, 3" tall. Thanks for looking. On to the next piece. Mike
  15. Ship's Wheel Clock

    Here's a project for people that like to do spindle turning and segmented turning. I'd say, though, that there's more woodworking than woodturning in this project. The photo shows the prototype that I recently finished which is 15-1/2" diameter. The The clock in this version is a 5-1/2" brass...
  16. Alternating Block Pattern Segmented Vessel

    curly white ash, cherry, hard maple. Solid bottom and top, segmented layers in between. 13 ¼ tall x 10 ¼ diameter
  17. Scalloped oak bowl

    I saw a vase with scalloped edges and thought it might look good on a bowl, but did not want to waste good lumber to find out. This is the end result. You can see this bowl being made at my web site
  18. 1st Bracelet, 1st application of Inlay

    Segmented bracelet, purple heart and maple. After aligning a sanding jig, the pieces to test it out could not go to waste. I followed up my "New" skills with trying out some inlay. All in all I am proud of it.
  19. A segmented vase for charity

    My parents attend this community Crisis dinner/auction every year. They always donate items to be auctioned off and all of the money raised from this event is used to help abused women and children who have escaped from their homes. This year, I decided to build a segmented vase to be auctioned...
  20. Black Walnut, Maple and Purpleheart Segmented Bowl

    This bowl was my first commission piece. I was asked to make a special bowl. The customer gave me no instruction on wood color/type and asked me to just come up with something interesting that he could give his mother on her birthday. The bowl is fairly basic. Twelve segment rings. (I'm...
1-20 of 374 Results