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  1. Projects Travel cups

    2 travel mugs I made for my grandsons
  2. six helix triangles

    this piece is walnut and maple 10 in high and 10 in in diameter
  3. Segmented box

    Last year I made this. At the same time I glued up another blank, with veneer between segments. Once it was true, I cut a tenon on each end and parted off the top. I use a steady rest as much as possible when drilling. My wood jaws got a lot of use on this project, putting in the center...
  4. Black Walnut, Maple and Purpleheart Segmented Bowl

    This bowl was my first commission piece. I was asked to make a special bowl. The customer gave me no instruction on wood color/type and asked me to just come up with something interesting that he could give his mother on her birthday. The bowl is fairly basic. Twelve segment rings. (I'm...
  5. Segmented Turning -- It won't be my last!

    It won't be my last, but it is my first segmented vessel. Maple, Hickory, Oak, Padauk A total of 92 segments 6.5" tall, 5.75" at the widest diameter Walls are about 1/8" thick My pals Hoover and Hairy are the models in pics 2 & 3 I really wish I had taken pictures and made a blog of this one...
  6. roled rim chevron

    277 pieces of maple,walnut and bubuinga,roled the rim top and bottom
  7. chevron lamp

    This lamp is of maple and wenge and consists of 422 pieces I did two of these this week.The deco ring was cut on22.5 degrees and Im pleased with the outcome. 19 inches high and 7 in diameter at center of deco ring
  8. walnut chevron

    348 pieces walnut and maple about 10 wide and17 high
  9. zebrawood and maple vase

    This was fun but I use the zebrawood like it was gold but it rocks
  10. three trees

    This bowl is for the spaghetti and the other one is for the sauce. the trees are purpleheart zebrawood and walnut with maple as a base and purpleheart rings
  11. vase- segmented turning

    I made this beauty some time ago but forgot to post it, and its a favorite of mine. Maple and purpleheart with thin white and black veneer strips as accents, its sit on a solid carved three legged base. At 10 3/4" high and 7 1/2' at widest point in contains 132 segments plus all the veneer...
  12. Goblets for my daughter's wedding toast

    My only daughter, Laura was married on June 23, 2012. I wanted to make a couple of things for use at the wedding and got the inspiration from LJ buddy Sam Shakouri to make some goblets. I have turned lots of bowls and hollow forms, but segmented work was a new venture for me. Like most things...
  13. Clock Frame

    This one was a short blog entry. I expected that I would take more pictures along the way but I got wrapped up in this and never stopped. The frame was made from a segmented 2×6 piece of poplar. I had a challenge getting the final joints just right. I was sanding them with sandpaper adhered...
  14. Segmented Mortar with Pestle

    A little while back, I posted a segmented turning press. I finally got to complete the project it was built to help create. The mortar is made from Maple and Walnut. As you can see, I need to work on getting my segmented angle joints more accurate and tighter. And, learn how to align the rings...
  15. Green Man Urn

    This year I am really into segmented turnings. Have made a few pieces so far, and also a Tsunami Bowl which is in my projects. I got the Incra 1000HD and the small sled, and making segments is not a real problem. Built a big steady rest using some wheels off a pair of roller blades and 3/4"...
  16. ash vessel

    my first time working with ash,wonderful ,turned then carved
  17. tree bowl with scalloped edge

    made from maple,purple heart and walnut 168 pieces before I carved it lots of fun 9in high 9 1/2 diameter
  18. star and stair

    this piece is 10 1/2 high and 91/2 in dia,made of maple and walnut a bit more than 200 pieces
  19. 617

    Im back, 617 pieces,maple and padauk,feature ring took four days,about 18 high and11 1/2 diameter.havent got to turn for a month sure enjoyed it ,hope you like it
  20. Zig-Zag Bowl

    672 pieces of Maple, Sapele, Wenge and Purpleheart
1-20 of 108 Results