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  1. Projects Yearly holiday ornament

    For the past couple of years I have made a holiday ornament for friends and family, I made a couple of these as a test last month. I just burned the year into them, made from 1/2 inch cedar and finished with shellac. It is a Steve Good pattern that I reduced down to 4.75 inches
  2. Projects Segmented lighthouse

    Segmented lighthouse design by Steve Good. One is made from cherry, the other is made from a piece of naturally stained poplar. I stack cut the pieces together, that was the easy part, then I did all the sanding by hand. Each piece has all the top edges rounded over, not difficult, but my hands...
  3. Yet another Knot

    I guess the celtic knot is taking a front seat in some of my pen work. This is a chrome cigar in Goncalo Alves with osage orange bands and a four-ring knot of bloodwood and osage orange. The pen is finished with a typical CA process: sanding seal using thin CA, Micro Mesh, several coats of...
  4. Zebra - Segmentation

    Made this zebra for my niece several years ago. It is a segmentation piece made from 3/4 maple and various stains. The zebra is about 7 inches tall and has 70 pieces. The pattern is from Patrick Spielman and Kerry Shirts' book "Scroll Saw Art"
  5. Lebanon Tiger - Segmentation

    This segmentation piece I made based off our high school mascot the tiger. Made from 3/4 inch maple and stained with various stains. I do not have any black stain so I used black shoe dye.
  6. I can't believe I finally got it done.

    I had a minor mishap in my shop about 2 weeks ago now that pretty much stopped me from getting to my shop for a few days. I had already started on this elephant, he was already pretty much done when this happened. Now I don't know about anyone else but when I am in the middle of a project and...
  7. Horse segmentation

    This is before I sprayed it with a clear coat. It looked much better after I did that. Amazing what a shine can do to change the look of a project.
  8. Wall Clock - chip carved

    10" x 10" Wall Clock Basswood, chip carved, nutmeg gel stain, textured background, sealer and lacquer finish I used to carve a lot of clocks but got away from them for quite a few years. I don't know why but I pleased to carve this clock. The textured background added some variety to the...
  9. Some recent wildlife portraits

    All cut from 1/2" poplar. These are just fun to cut. Gluing them together can be a bit tedious though.
  10. Intarsia projects

    A couple of intarsia projects that I made a while ago. Actually, the first two and only two, thus far, that I have made. Actually, now that I think about it, they are segmentation pieces arent they, since they were cut from the same piece of wood? Someone enlighten me. That's the difference...
  11. Some segmented wildlife portraits

    I have done probably 20 of these segmentations. They are all cut from 1-x-12 Poplar and measure around 12-x-12. They are cut from a pattern, stained and reassembled with a slight 3D effect that was surprising the first time I assembled one. The book is called Animal Portraits in Wood by Neal...
  12. Segmentation - Buck Deer

    Another one….more pieces.
  13. Segmentation - Eagle #2

    One of the easier patterns.
  14. Segmentation - Clemson Tiger Paw

    Made in short amount of time <20>. Cut by scrollsaw, painted, raised and glued. - Mr Tall
  15. Segmentation - Boston Bruin (Black & Yellow)

    Segmentation of the Boston Bruins. Made for a few friends. Size is 7" x 7" - Mr Tall
  16. English elm inspired clock

    I got this piece of elm and the grain pattern was So striking , I kept picking it up looking at it and putting it down again trying to figure out what to do to show off that pattern. Eventually I figured this simple design sort of relief segmentation would work. I think It does so does the...
  17. Segmentation Tiger - Framed

    This is a present for my son's high school soccer coach. It is a segmentation of of tiger which is the school mascot. The tiger is 3/4" soft maple, the grass is western red cedar, and the frame is red oak. The piece is approximately 22.5" x 14.5". Thanks to Neal Moore for the tiger pattern from...
  18. Tiger Portrait

    Just finished this tiger for my son. His high school mascot is the tiger. The method is called segmentation. I am doing some segmented pieces to hone my scroll saw skills. The plan comes from Neal Moore's book "Animal Portraits in Wood." The tiger is 12.5" x 9.75" and is made from soft maple...
  19. Desk Name Plate/segmentation

    Nameplate made for a coworker. She said she loved butterflies, so I just ran with it. Getting alot better with using a spray gun and lacquer. Just takes practice I think. First time I have tried to bend Lexan. Pretty easy to work with actually.
  20. Bumble picture segmentation

    I had an idea to cut a picture from one piece of wood to include the picture frame so I tried a few experiments one that I did I called autumn carpet as itwas different coloured leaves I took this to a fair in Germany and sold it and got commissioned to do more , this one was inspired by a...
1-20 of 57 Results