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  1. On Golden Feet

    After long silence and too many unfinished projects, I've finally managed to wrap up a few to post. I'm starting off with one of my favorites so far. It's been sitting around for ages and really just needed another layer of metal leaf to go over the parts that had oxidized in all that time. On...
  2. Infinity Band Saw Box with Secret Drawers

    November, 2011-This two drawer box is made from four woods, with maple on the front for a nice bright look. Each drawer has a secret drawer accessible from the back of the main drawers. I named this box Infinity after the pattern around the drawers looks like a figure-8. This box has several...
  3. Blogs
    In the beginning... With the publication of my article entitled "It's a Secret" (click here to read the article online) in the November issue of Popular Woodworking, I started getting lots of email with comments and questions about the subject. Evidently so did the magazine because they started...
1-3 of 3 Results