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  1. Wooden seats

    These are 2 wooden seats which I made for the Marble arch caves out of beeach ,the legs are made of one peice of wood
  2. seats

    These are two chairs I made for a children play area there is all a shoe holder there to i made and the star hanging from the ceiling
  3. Turning Japanese

    A very good friend sent me some Holly, it is exceptionally clear and creamy. What to do with it to do it justice? You be the judge if I suceeded. This is a box with a drop-in lid. Approx' 112mm square x 69mm high. Made from Holly and Indian Ebony. Glue is PVA and finish wax over sanding sealer.
  4. Home Theater Seating

    to accompany my home theater I built two rows a seats. Like many of my other projects a lot of the materials were recycled. It started with a 2×4 frame that was covered with 3/4" particle board and then padded with 3" high density memory foam.
  5. Blogs
    Test Drive The first installment of this blog is here due to LJ blogging technical issues… To make sure the dimensions are correct for our new table, we decided to do a little test drive. It didn't hurt that we're having eight people over for a Fourth of July BBQ. We ran over to the big box...
  6. Blogs
    Ready to build! My Dad and I made a trip to the Black Forest Company today and picked up the supplies for the helicopter project. The body will be out of cherry, the main rotors will be wenge and other details will be other exotic woods such as padauk and yellowheart. This evening I...
  7. Blogs
    Every good FORD has a big V8 engine.. Every good FORD has a big V8 engine and here's mine… BUT first a huge THANK YOU to Bruce, aka "htl" for his valuable assistance in helping me get this build off the ground with extra photos, drawings and encouragement… This is my first attempt...
  8. Blogs
    The Chassis Gents, so I decided to start another project. I had a huge chuck of cherry on my wood carts so I decided to mill it down and make something with it. Haven't decided what other woods to use but I think I'm going to make the wheels out of walnut for the tyres and maple for the rims...
  9. Designing Woodworking Projects
    well, i'm making some upper cabinets for mother in law, and staying cheep using left over plywood for the doors. i was goin shaker style for the doors but using 3/4 luan for rails and stiles. probably 3 in wide. but was wondering if i use 1/2 in ply for the panels. would rabbeting the 3/4 frames...
  10. Finishing
    I am refinishing a pair of rocking chairs with fiber rush (paper twine) seats. The chairs were never used and were stored in a dusty damp basement. The seats were never finished and other than a few years of dust are in great shape. Does anyone have a suggestion for gently cleaning the rush...
1-10 of 10 Results