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  1. Underwater World

    Hello all, it's been awhile since I posted a project because of my broken hand and then playing catch up to get some projects done. This one took AWHILE to finish because it was 341 pieces and a lot of them where very small. I spent a lot of time down on my hands and knees looking for a piece...
  2. The Box Plot ... a custom jewelry box created for a clandescent proposal.

    The Box Plot … one of these days I need to lay this article out in publisher and generate a formal PDF version. For now - here's the text and some images are posted above! The Box Plot Article by Eric M. Saperstein - June 2006 There is a goal shared by artists spanning all mediums and...
  3. Lighthouse

    I completed the Lighthouse using Blue Pine, Pau Amarillo, Cherry, Poplar, Hard Maple, Bloodwood, Brazilian Rosewood, Curly Maple, Butternut, and Ebony. It's a Troy Lichthardt design.
  4. Always Beware of the Infamous Clownfish

    This was just a fun one to do and I have no idea of what I will do with it. Sometimes I just see a picture and because of the colors, depth, and subject I just want to make a pattern and make it. I did put a lot of depth into this one because almost every piece has some kind of spacer in it...
1-4 of 4 Results