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  1. Seam ripper

    Seam ripper for my mom. And not one of those kit seam rippers. I removed the plastic handle from a Clover ripper (my mom's preferred brand), and glued it into the center of the handle. This was more difficult than it looked because things kept coming unglued, even though I used a dowel to...
  2. Blogs
    Zoom-Zoom (and Keeping it dialed in) I see a lot of great Sketchup tutorials online (here and there), and while they do discuss different techniques, tools and what not - you really have to follow through from start to end, and go along a somewhat complex path to get the hang of things. one...
  3. Blogs
    Making a Seam Ripper Here is a Seam Ripper that I made recently. It turned out great. Check out my video below and I have a more detailed entry over at my other site on // Youtube Link:
1-3 of 3 Results