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  1. Pens, seam rippers, and bangle bracelets

    Cholla Bangle Bracelets, cholla pens, bolt action pens and seam rippers. Did these today while I waited for lacquer to dry on Spring Lotus and fall leaves. Spring and fall will be up next.
  2. Five Seam Rippers

    I got an order for a seam ripper at the last show so I bought 5 kits and used some different woods for a display at the next show. These are double ended rippers with a large and small cutter that reverse and store inside for safety. I used olive , pistachio, osage orange and 2 are rosewood they...
  3. Seam Rippers (double ended)

    These are 3 double ended seam rippers I made for the upcoming sale in the park. They are made from kits from Pennstate. The one on top is pistachio and the other 2 are willow Acacia. They are finished with Danish Oil and buffed and waxed. Cheers, Jim
  4. Turning Projects

    My dad decided that I should take up pen turning and so for Christmas my parents bought me a small lathe. These are some of my first projects. Picture 1 are the first 5 pens that I turned I have since given away all but 1. Picture 2 is the 7th Pen I turned, no picture of #6, that I gave to my...
1-4 of 4 Results