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  1. Daughter's Christmas Gifts

    My daughter has been very busy during the holiday season working on Christmas Gifts for special people in her life. Pic 2 shows the ornament that she made for the LumberJocks's Ornament Swap. Pic 3 shows a set of Lanyard Pens for her teacher and Girl Scout leader. Pic 4 is the pen she made...
  2. A seam ripper

    I made this seam ripper for my wife last night. Noticed a week ago she was using one from hobby lobby that had no handle on it at all and thought that was rather unsafe so i ordered this kit and blank from Wood-N-Whimsys. Everything came in the mail yesterday and I jumped on the lathe as soon as...
  3. Seam ripper

    Seam ripper for my mom. And not one of those kit seam rippers. I removed the plastic handle from a Clover ripper (my mom's preferred brand), and glued it into the center of the handle. This was more difficult than it looked because things kept coming unglued, even though I used a dowel to...
  4. Purpleheart Seam Ripper

    First time turning something other than a pen.
  5. Seam Rippers

    My wife (and a bunch of her friends) are quilters, so I thought they might appreciate some custom-crafted seam rippers. The handles are oak and mahogany. These are not from a 'kit' per se … instead I bought a dozen inexpensive seam rippers with cheap plastic handles and made my own kit. I was...
  6. Seam Ripper for My Wife

    My wife wanted a seam ripper, so I ordered the kit from from Penn State. I had the Bocote turning blank on hand, and this is the result.
  7. Seam Ripper

    This is a seam ripper I turned on the lathe. These are fun little project that the sewers in my family seem to love. This was my first successful use of CA glue as a finish.
  8. East Indian Rosewood Seam Ripper

    East Indian Rosewood Seam Ripper. These are extremely easy to make and seem to be very popular among my wife's sewing circles. They go really fast. This one was picked up in less than 24 hours after it was completed. It is really rewarding to know someone would pay real $$ for something you made.
  9. Turned Black Walnut Seam Ripper

    This a hand turned black walnut seam ripper based on a design I came up with my wife and my mother. I made one for both of their Mother's Day present.
  10. Turned Cherry Seam Ripper and White Oak Gift Box

    This is a seam ripper that I made my mother for Mother's Day. I made a dovetailed gift box out of white oak.
  11. Wood & Lumber
    Hello fellow LJ's, I am helping a friend of 81 years liquidate his inventory of lumber. He has mostly Heart Pine but I have found walnut, cherry and other species in it. This lumber is reclaimed and varies in condition. There are post, planks of varying width, beaded board and moldings. He...
  12. Blogs
    Making a Seam Ripper Here is a Seam Ripper that I made recently. It turned out great. Check out my video below and I have a more detailed entry over at my other site on // Youtube Link:
1-12 of 12 Results